Feeling Like a Woman Never Felt So Good


Barlean’s Essential Woman Organic Oil redefines womanhood. What? Hear us out.

Extracted from essential plant phytonutrients, flax seeds and parts of evening primrose, this completely organic oil works to help balance hormones (especially when they are most likely to be out of whack).

If it works as well as it claims, it helps to minimize inconsistent mood swings and emotions and to enhance your naturally great feelings- giving you a double dose of happiness.

Just one tablespoon, taken in the morning– either mixed with food, or by itself– can help you feel, look, and perform your best.

So in the lifelong “Who’s better: boys or girls?” battle, it looks like the ladies just took the lead!

Barlean’s Essential Woman Oil, $18.95 for 8 oz.; $27.37 for 12 oz. at barleans.com