The FDA Is Finally Paying Attention To The Cosmetic Industry

Amanda Elser

For years the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has kept a watchful eye over consumer goods ranging from footwear to ice cream, so why is it cosmetics have been left out of the loop? Out of the 80,000 known chemicals approved for commercial use in the United States, only 10 of them are banned in cosmetics. That makes you question what you are putting on your face every morning, doesn’t it?

Finally the FDA has taken an interest in the cosmetic industry. According to AdvertisingAge the FDA wants cosmetic companies to be required to register the ingredients they use in products with the agency, which will institute higher standards for testing. But we’ve been down this road before, and while law makers go back and forth on the subject, industry leaders say they remain steadfast in their dedication to scientific safety testing and warn against overly burdensome state and federal regulations. So, while we hope everyone gets on board with this, apparently the real power can be found in the consumers. “All it takes is one Facebook or one Twitter message and that product is deader than a doornail,” suggested Representative Joe Barton of Texas.

So we are doing our part in the social media campaign for safer cosmetics. Let us know below what you think the FDA should do when it comes to regulating the cosmetic industry!