Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers Show Off Their Prom Hair and Makeup

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Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers Show Off Their Prom Hair and Makeup
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Almost everyone has a vivid memory of their high school prom outfit, whether it be the flowing cotton candy pink dress they wore or the fact that they searched high and low to find that perfect eyeshadow to match the sequins on their beaded bodice. Whether you went to prom 20 years ago or 2 years ago (or you’re getting ready to go) we never get sick of looking at photos and gushing about the night.

So, just in case you’re still prepping your prom look, or need some people to commiserate over your prom mistakes with, we’ve gathered some of our favorite photos from our favorite online bloggers and editors and had them report back about their prom hair and makeup looks. Although most of them are a bit embarrassed by the fact that they chose say, a sea foam green dress for the big night, they all learned that the memories made on that night are not quickly forgotten (and neither are the beauty looks). Find out what our beauty experts had to say about their looks – and see if it inspires your own!

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Our favorite beauty bloggers shared their prom pictures! See what some of the most beautiful ladies (and gent) in the business look like then and now. 

Amber Katz, Beauty Blogging Junkie: "Here's my pic of me and my gay date Ted (he was out of the closet in high school in '98 – who knew I was so ahead of the curve to go with a gay bestie?). I did my hair myself. I couldn't be bothered to blow out my hair and I was rocking my natural curls with an ample '90s amount of Aussie Sprunch Spray and wasn't thrilled with the overall look, but my makeup consisted of a Clinique palette called The Metallics that was limited edition 1996 that I wore for about a DECADE until I'd used it up. Lips are a combo of Clinique Perfect Amber Lip Pencil (obv) and CoverGirl LipSlicks in Bronze. The fact that Ted and I are coordinating in champagne (my dress and his vest) is not an accident."

Jamie Stone, Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis: "I don't really remember exactly what I asked for that day...but I know it wasn't "Texas pageant queen chic," that's for sure.  I'm not even sure how the stylist got my hair teased so high at the top OR why I thought those bangs looked good...ever."

Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot: "I was obsessed with twisting my hair back like in corn rows for white girls and even more obsessed with mini butterfly clips.  I wore them in yellow to match my yellow dress."

Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected: "For junior prom I remember I just wanted flowers, lots and lots of flowers -- and I would not tolerate them being fake (a sea-foam green dress, completely acceptable, fake flowers on the other hand, definitely tacky). Unfortunately, the big ones couldn't stay put in my hair so all I could find at the local florists were smaller magenta ones."

Phillip Picardi, Beauty Editor for Lifestyle Mirror: I worked for an Aveda Concept Salon in high school and, natch, my best friend was the esthetician. The day of prom, seniors had a half-day so the girls (and Phill!) could get ready. I went into her spa room and we did this amazing "Green Science" facial, which I still highly, highly recommend to get you glowing. She finished the service with my all-time Aveda favorite—Beautifying Composition—and then tapped on some of the Aveda Tinted Moisturizer before I walked out the door. I always concealed with Benefit Boi-Ing because I hardly knew how to use a brush properly... Just dabbed it on with my fingers. It's still my go-to suggestion for boys who always uncomfortably shuffle over to me and ask, "Hey, uhhh, I have these dark circles and uhh..." Anywho! Then, I got my blowdry done by one of the girls at the salon, but all I ever used in my hair for five years was Bumble and bumble Sumotech, so I insisted they use that to give me matte, piecey texture (I hate boys with shiny hair and tuxes. It's too Rat Pack.) Soon after moving to New York, I realized that my hair sliiiiiightly resembled Pauly D's and I got that corrected by one of the fabulous team members at Bumble's downtown salon. 

I did take matters into my own hands when it came to one thing: Bronzer. What 18-year-old boy is not obsessed with a fabulous bronzing palette? I can't show you a single one. I was (still am) a total devotée of Guerlain Bronzer. Terracotta Matte Four Seasons. It's my trophy bronzer and it smells delicious. Back THEN, I literally applied it all over like it was a foundation, which you can see in the delightful, slightly orange photos. Now I know how to contour, which is my new obsession. Love cutting a cheek. 

Taryn Multack, Miss Ladyfinger: "As you can see, I had pulled back my layers and pinned them into a small Snooki-poof (before it was the "Snooki-poof"). The two curls in the front my friends and I referred to as "shmookies" (don't know why). My hair at that time had unfortunate streaky blonde highlights. This was also pre-Brazilian Keratin treatment era, so at that point it took my hair stylist two hours to blow out my frizzy curls."

Alexis Wolfer, The Beauty Bean: "I wore my long, (dyed) dark brown hair stick straight and center-parted. (What can I say, I've been coloring my hair since I first begged my mom for highlights at the ripe 'ol age of 13).  I remember doing it myself - with one of those Conair blowdryers with the hair brush attached - even though my mom was more than happy for me to have it professionally done. Even at 17 I was a not only a DIYer but also extraordinarily picky with regard to my go-to beauty gurus and, well, not much has changed. As for makeup (which I also DIYed), I was loyal to my black Trish McEvoy 'Eye Definer' eyeliner powder(mostly because it's what my mom used - and still does! - and when it comes to beauty there is no one I would rather emulate than my mom!). 

Kristin Booker, Fashion. Style. Beauty"This photo was taken a long time ago, but I was so proud of the whole look that night since I made my own prom dress. My hair was short at that point, so I remember wanting to make sure that it had volume. I walked around with hot rollers in my hair for something like three hours and then used a ton of hair spray to make sure it stayed put. The makeup was a huge deal because I refused to wear blue eyeshadow to match my dress. The shadow was a quad from Revlon I bought with babysitting money and the lipstick was also Revlon...Rum Raisin was the color. I thought - and still think - that I look really happy and glowing that evening, which is exactly what I was going for."

Julia DiNardo, Fashion Pulse Daily: "Luckily, I kept my hair very short in high school, hence, I don't look too "late '90s" in these pics from a hair and makeup perspective! I always wanted a ton of volume for the formal dance/prom occasions,  which with my hair type, I never was quite able to achieve, but looking back, I think that's a GOOD thing! With my hair, I was really into smoothing down the front of my right side and tucking it behind my ear, which I'm sure I thought was very cool and what a college-age gal would do. I kept my makeup simple with browns and whites and just some gloss, or a bronzy red lip color, while I remember thinking I was so elegant with a pair of cubic zirconia earrings and a matching necklace, which I'm pretty sure I picked up at Claire's."

Megan Segura, Daily Makeover"One thing I hated about all of my formals was my hair. I would go into the salon with a ton of magazine photos of what I wanted, but I always walked out with, well, prom hair. It just looked cheesy to me. For senior prom I had my friend do my hair. The poof was really big at the time, and there was this great spread in Elle (I think) with Paris Hilton wearing the hairstyle. My friend did her best, but we couldn't get it to stay, so I ended up with a pretty simple chignon. Side note: the first time I ever got my brows waxed was before prom and they burned off my skin. It was bright pink and people thought it was just my eyeshadow."

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