Watch How to Fake a Fishtail Braid in Less than a Minute

faux fishtail

Mane Addicts

To the long-haired honeys whose gym resolutions are hanging by a thread—the time is now for you and your workout hairstyle to take a break. Full functionality aside, the ponytail’s got us feeling blasé, blasé, blasé, and we think you’d agree. Plus, what if we told you an equally easy yet way cuter gym-appropriate ’do existed—one that we believe will help you strengthen your workout vibes?

Well, FYI, said ’do does exist—it’s called the faux fishtail braid. Our very own editorial director, Justine Marjan, breaks down the steps to the gym hairstyle that she guarantees is devoid of pesky flyaways. Scroll ahead now to watch the how-to video for achieving the faux fishtail.



  1. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.
  2. Create a very loose regular three-strand braid only partially down the hair, then secure with another hair elastic.
  3. Tug on either side of the braid to loosen it up.
  4. Split hair down the middle and loop the pony through.
  5. Tug on the ponytail so it is pulled tightly through; then use your fingers to pinch and pull on the outer edges of the braid to loosen it.

Model: Hanna Paat @hannapaat
Hair: Justine Marjan @justinemarjan
Directed by: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal
Art Direction + Styled by: Ashley Heckman @ashleylinnheckman

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