Gift Guide: 8 Fantastic Scents for Father’s Day

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Gift Guide: 8 Fantastic Scents for Father’s Day
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Your dad can be the hardest person to shop for – I know mine is always telling me he doesn’t need a single thing, so brainstorming the right gift has been quite difficult. Dads are into all different things; some work like crazy, some can be categorized as sports fanatics, others as the artsy and hipster dads, and even the outdoorsy types. This adds another challenge to gift shopping on Father’s Day.

There is sport-y dad, who can be seen watching ESPN at any hour of the day and be extremely active in his fantasy team; the 9-5 office worker, who leaves before you wake and gets home for dinner late; the hipster dad, ever-young and keeps up with the trends before they become popular; the artsy dad loves to discover new artists and even dabbles in projects of his own; the outdoors dad is constantly trying to convince you to go camping and that nature is pretty neat; the laid-back dad who cannot wait to get home and catch up on his favorite shows; the swanky dad refuses to be anything but sharply dressed at all times and will frequent all of the hottest vacation spots; and finally, the preppy dad, he might still be stuck in the 1980s and thinks that having his shorts touching his knees is a crime.

Whatever personality type your dad falls under, this fragrance guide is for him.

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The Sport-y Dad

Sports fans everywhere, Yankees fan or not, should be able to appreciate the option of a fragrance inspired by their favorite sports team. The New York Yankees channeled the winning style of baseball's most legendary franchise into a 3.4 ounce bottle. Cool Blue Sage, Coriander, Bergamot, earthy Patchouli and smooth Sandalwood and Suede all evolve together to create this timeless, masculine scent. A bottle of the MLB team makes a perfect gift for your sports enthusiast dad. ( New York Yankees Eau de Toilette, $62,

The Outdoorsy Dad

ODIN EDP has seven different scents that are perfect for the outdoorsy type. 07 Tanoke, which features a woody blend that is grounded by redwoods and warm musk, was selected as part of W Magazines "Top 10 Indie Fragrances." All seven of the fragrances transport you to a different part of the world; places such as the Jordanian desert, southern Mediterranean, Japanese province of Owari, and the Himalayas, just by spritzing some on your body. ODIN EDP fragrances are available online in 3.4 fl. oz. for $125. (ODIN EDP 07 Tanoke, $125,

The Swanky Dad

Tom Ford is everything. Neroli Portofino is an obvious choice for the dad who stays sharply dressed and wants his signature scent to match. This fragrance captures the essence of the Italian Riviera in an elegantly designed bottle. Featuring crisp citrus oils and floral notes, balanced with amber undertones, this fragrance is perfect for the summer season. Although its price is pretty steep at $195 for a 1.7 oz bottle, Neroli Portofino is a certain must for the swanky dad in your life. (Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum, $195,

The Preppy Dad

Lacoste being the favorite among preps that it is, was an easy pick for preppy dads. This gift set includes three different scents for your dad, whatever mood he's in. These distinctively fresh and masculine scents have a sophisticated edge that allows your prepster dad to go from day to night in the scent he chooses for that day. Plum and apple top notes give it its fresh side, while the spicy elements infuse masculinity. (Eau de Lacoste Trio Gift, $62,

The Laid-Back Dad

Giorgio Armani's classic Acqua di Giò cologne is popular among all men. This tried and true cologne is described as sensuous and sparkling, without being overwhelming. Acqua di Giò  is great for the laid-back dad; someone who wants to smell good but isn't too worried about having a signature scent. This gift set includes everything your dad needs for just $79. (Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Gift Set, $79,

The Hipster Dad

DS & Durga is the best new fragrance line you've never heard of. Each of the different colognes is made in a small batch, in-house, using premium-sourced raw materials. Based in New York, the inspiration for these fragrances comes from all things Americana. D.S & Durga’s fragrances feature fun and very masculine names such as Boston Ivy, Bowmakers, Cowboy Grass, Freetrapper, Burning Barbershop and Sir. Each one evoking a different historical reference. Hipsters deserve to smell good too, and D.S. and Durga is a home-grown choice.( D.S. & Durga colognes, $96,

The 9-5 Executive Dad

Some dads seem as though they are constantly working. This means day and night they are either entertaining clients or sitting at a desk in their offices. F by Ferragamo pour Homme Black is the latest scent by Salvatore Ferragamo. It is described as the perfect scent for a metropolitan man. This scent features an alluring rich lavender that will keep your dad calm even on the most hectic of days. Its black Madagascar pepper and laudanum convey the heart of sophistication and masculinity. (Salvatore Ferragamo 'F by Ferragamo pour Homme Black' Eau de Toilette Spray, $75,

The Artsy Dad

For the dad that is willing to take risks, 212 Pop! for Men is a good option to take. Carolina Herrera limited edition scent for men is a great summer fragrance for an artsy dad. This citrus, watery and fresh fragrance is fitting for those summer strolls around the park while checking out the local art vendors. (Carolina Herrera 212 Men Pop!, $65,

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