10 Fast Beauty Tricks from Top Mom Bloggers

10 Fast Beauty Tricks from Top Mom Bloggers
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Ideally, we’d all have a full hour every morning to spend in front of the mirror, meticulously applying sheer layers of foundation and bronzer to achieve a flawless no-makeup makeup look. Actually, no, if we’re talking ideal here, then ideally we’d have a glam squad to do it for us. And ideally we would also be Beyoncé. But, alas, we are not. We are mere mortals with class, work, and kids to worry about, which means more often than not, our mornings are frantic, and appearances fall by the wayside.

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So we decided to ask some of life’s busiest women—i.e. moms—for their best time-saving beauty tricks that get them out the door without looking like a burning tire fire. And yes, they had some excellent advice. From double-duty products to multi-tasking hairstyles, these mom bloggers give their best tricks for saving the most amount of time in the morning.

time saving beauty tricks

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1. Get you a scrub that can do both.

“I’ve been using Sea Siren Body Scrub by Shiva Rose to exfoliate and moisturize my skin in one easy step. It’s got a blend of oils and butters that leave my skin soft, smooth and glowy. The uplifting scent of lemongrass is an added bonus, as well.”
–Lacey Mackey of Natureal Mom

2. Master a braid.

“A side braid is my go-to busy mama hairstyle. Not only can I make that style happen in seconds, but it looks a bit more put together than the mom bun. I also believe in the power of oversized sunnies and a bold lipstick to distract from tired eyes.”
Kristin Swenson of Take Time for Style

3. Add some definition.

“When I don’t have time to do my eye makeup, I keep it simple by applying bronzer or contour powder in the crease of my eyelids only. It adds definition to my eyes without taking more than five seconds!”
Andrea Bai of Glam Hungry Mom

4. Learn the ropes (to beachy waves).

“For easy overnight beach waves, I’ll create two rope braids by parting my slightly damp hair down the middle and then dividing each side into two smaller sections. Starting on one side, I tightly twist each of the smaller sections counterclockwise until I reach the ends, and then wind the two sections around each other in a clockwise motion, securing the ends with a no-crease hair tie. Then I repeat the process on the other side. In the morning, I unravel the twists and loosely break up the waves with my fingers.”

5. Multi-task with face masks.

“When you’re a working mom, your morning routine has to be quick and easy. So in the evenings, I always trying to pamper my skin as much as I can, so I can fall into bed right after my kids do. So a couple times a week, I’ll throw on the BeautyCounter Purifying Charcoal Face Mask while I cook dinner or help my kids with homework. For me, I just want to keep my skin clean and hydrated, so I try to fit that in my routine as often as possible no matter how busy we are.”
Alissa Circle of Diary of an Addict

6. Ditch the showers.

“Dry shampoo is my favorite trick! Not washing my hair daily is a big time saver in the mornings when I’m trying to get ready for work and also have to take my 11-year-old to school bright and early at 7!” [Editor’s note: Spray your favorite dry shampoo on your roots at night, right before bed, to give the powder time to soak up any scalp oils as you sleep.]
Jamie Reeves of Blonde Mom Blog

time saving beauty tricks

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7. Channel Princes Leia.

“I always wash my hair at night, so while it’s still damp—but partially air-dried—I’ll twist and pin it up into Princess Leia buns. When I wake up, I’ll scrunch some Josie Maran Argan Oil in it to smooth out any frizz, and I get the prettiest natural-looking waves the next day. I never have time to curl my hair, plus I’m honestly not very good at it and don’t have the patience for it, so this is my ultimate time-saver!”
Katie Michelle of Katie Did What

8. Invest in multi-purpose products.

“I use Universalist Multi-Use Colorstick by W3LL People to add a little color to my eyes, cheeks, and lips in seconds. It cuts down on time because I don’t have to sort through my makeup box for different products or brushes. Plus, it easily blends with my fingertips, so I can toss the stick in my bag for on-the-go applications.”

9. Go for the extensions.

“One of my biggest time-saving tricks has been investing in eyelash extensions. They are so amazing! They cut my getting ready time in half in the morning, and most days, I’m ready to go after throwing on some foundation and blush, and filling in my eyebrows a bit. It’s amazing how long lashes give you the feel of wearing a full-face of makeup, even when you aren’t.”

10. Skip the blow-dryer.

“I have extremely long hair, and blow-drying it is not always an option if I’m pressed for time. Before bed, I add a very loose French braid to slightly damp hair, and then, when I wake up, I’ll spray it all with a little Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish, and I’m left with simple beachy waves.”


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