Fashionable 90s Shows We Wish Would Come Back

Shannon Farrell
Fashionable 90s Shows We Wish Would Come Back
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Beauty and fashion trends are back from the 90s, so why not the iconic shows that inspired them? Michelle Williams recently said she would love to do a Dawson's Creek reunion. Here are a few other shows we'd love to see reunite, along with their iconic looks that are back on the runway and in our closets.

Top 10 Straight Hairstyles

I may have been the only 13-year-old in leather pants, but I was trendy as hell thanks to my obsession with Buffy and her girly, yet badass ensembles. Not everyone can pull off a french twist and a biker jacket quite like B. Not many have the love of two smoldering vampires, either. Angel and Spike? Now that is a reunion we are thirsting to see!

Trend Alert: Hot Pink Tips Are Back

The movie with Alicia Silverstone will always have a special place in our hearts, but the TV show was pretty darn good, too. The best part? Cher's quirky teddy bear backpack. Although the stuffed animal backpack is now only taking up space in the children's department, backpacks as purses are back, baby.

How To Get Stiletto-Happy Feet

Kelly Kapowski had it all: the admiration of the class clown and jock, two quirky best friends and the cutest floral ensembles. This season, you can't cross the street without spotting floral printed paints. I'll take a pair!

8 Celebs Who Go Green And Look Great

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have both guest starred on Courtney Cox's Cougar Town, but it's not enough. We want a real reunion. However, it won't be complete without "The Rachel," that iconic hairstyle that is still being requested in salons across the country.

Top 10 Beauty Moves That Turn Off A Guy

At a time when straight hair was all the rage, Felicity's Keri Russell let those natural curls run free. And it seemed to work, because Noel and Ben were pretty smitten. Maybe we learned a little something from the aspiring doctor, because voluminous hair is making its comeback.

6 New Things Curly Girls Need To Know

Did you see Miley at the Hunger Games premiere? Crop tops are hot again, but personally we think they never should have left. Virgin Donna Martin proved long ago that they can be cute, as well as sultry.

Quick And Easy DIY Beauty Treatments

The bob and red hair are the hottest new trends to hit Hollywood, and clearly Claire Dane's Angela Chase started it all. It was a show that had more potential that its one-series run, and we'd love to see the gang at Liberty High deal with the throes of life, maybe this time in the corporate that would be entertaining.

The Best And Worst Looks At Time 100

Professional women thank Calista Flockhart's Ally McBeal every day when they get dressed for work. She paved the way for smart, beautiful women everywhere. And she started the dancing baby trend. That's something we'd like to see again.

10 Long Bobs We Love

The suit may have been a bit much, but what girl wasn't obsessed with pink after this? And now that neons are the hot new trend this season, especially for nails, we want our favorite super heros back on the small screen.

10 Sexy Lip Looks For Spring

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