‘Fashion Star’ Theodore Leaf Tells Us What To Do With Day Old Hair

Amanda Elser

Stay up late watching last night’s episode of Fashion Star? Not to worry, Theodore Leaf, the celebrity hairstylist behind the many hair looks of the show, walked us through his perfect solution to day old, unwashed hair.

Theodore suggests styling a ponytail with a hair band for a sleek look with day-old hair. “Dry shampoo your hairline, if it’s day two you are getting a little bit of shine, but you don’t even need to worry about the rest.” He recommends stocking up on thin, elastic headbands for this styled look. “I love thin colorful headbands that are elastic headbands, even if you use one, or two, or three, and you literally stack them,” he explains. Stack one close to the hairline and space the others out around your head. “You could just do two, but I love the little bumpĀ in between, that’s my favorite thing,” admitted Theodore. “To encourage that you could tease the top bit.”

Once your headbands are in place just throw up your hair into a ponytail or bun and no one will ever know you skipped the shampoo today. “It’s a cool thing and it doesn’t necessarily look like you threw it up. It looks like a look,” he said. “The key is just to absorb the oil around your face so it looks fresh.”