Fashion Or Comfort When Flying The Friendly Skies?


Back in November I went on a business trip to China. It was my second trip so I knew what to expect regarding the flight. It was 14 hours and in between The Godfather and Chocolat I was stretching my legs and ingesting may-jah amounts of water. And I did this all while swaddled in my very favorite black sweatpants and cashmere sweater.

I was talking to one of my friends about flying and she mentioned about how she had to hop on a flight right from work to California.

“Oh god, did you get a chance to change out of your work clothes at least?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”  My friend was truly bewildered by this comment.

“I mean did you change out of your dress and tights into something more comfy. I mean it’s like 6+ hours to San Francisco.”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. I mean you flew in your work clothes?”


I couldn’t comprehend this. Not only do I strip out of my work clothes the second I enter my apartment, the thought of sitting on a plane for 6+ hours in tights that I’ve already sat in for 8+ hours just gives me hives.

“I was always taught to dress nicely when flying,” my friend responded. “Whenever we traveled, even when I was younger, we always had to dress.”

“Huh….” I thought back to my first flight to China when I wore leggings, white compression tights, a long black t-shirt and an insanely over-sized sweatshirt. Oh and orange Havianas.

So here’s my thing: I may be flying to Paris end of January. Am I wearing sweats or skinny jeans. Thoughts??

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