Instagram Insta-Glam: False Eyelashes

Shardae Jobson
Instagram Insta-Glam: False Eyelashes
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There’s no better way to take your makeup up a few notches than to wear a pair of false eyelashes. Available in every kind of style from fanned out to deceptively natural, falsies aren’t just for fancy occasions anymore. Sure, a pair of lashes may not work for your every day makeup look, but if you’ve got a big date or a night out with girls, get yourself some black eyelash glue and some tweezers, because false lashes will make you look amazing.

Once you learn how to apply fake eyelashes, the rest is easy. This week, the ladies of Instagram have proven their false lash skills, pairing a set of falsies with smokey eyes, bold brows and deep lipstick colors. Take a look at our favorite false lash moments from Instagram, and tell us how you wear your lashes in the comments below!

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False eyelashes have taken over our Instagram feed.

Looks like @normangelica89 got that old Hollywood glamour gaze just right!

The natural makeup look can still be achieved with falsies, as shown by @chynnanaomi.

  @5280pretty_in_ink is pretty in pink, lace and mega lashes.

Wow! Two sets of eyelashes were used for this full lash look posted by @danniellehill.

@Katieej_ shows off her impressive set of lashes in a classic selfie shot. 

A behind the scenes close up of the makeup from a photo shoot from @christianachaos makes us want to pair falsies with a smokey eye and a red lip. 

@Olivia_sinay's eyelashes almost reach her brows! Talk about lengthy lashes. 

@Sayaka_xx's lipstick is just as impressive as her lashes. 

Aspiring makeup artist @cindylovescash looks ready for fall with a burgundy smokey eye, bold brows and luxe lashes. 

@Onyakunt is went for a pair of practically natural faux lashes, pulling the look together with a soft red lip. 

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