15 Tattoo Ideas for People Obsessed with Fall

Elizabeth Denton
15 Tattoo Ideas for People Obsessed with Fall
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For some, fall isn’t just a season—it’s a lifestyle. For those folks who can’t wait until the leaves start changing and Pumpkin Spice Lattes come back in season, we rounded up 15 fall tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink session. Some are small and cute in shapes of ghosts and pumpkins, and others are large and bright with multiple leaves and acorns. The possibilities are endless.

If you already have a tattoo (or many), some of them probably mean something important to you and some are probably a little random. Maybe you were just feeling the lower temperatures and wanted a spooky pumpkin on your arm. Or, maybe you lost and want to give it love in a Halloween-like scene on your back. It doesn’t really matter why you get a tattoo—just like you love. It’s your body after all and tattoos are not easy to remove.

So get some inspiration with these fall tattoos. Start an Instagram “saves” folder to store all the ones you can’t stop thinking about. If you’re still not sure, draw a sketch of it on your skin with a pen. If you can’t wait to wash it off, this might not be the right time to get a new tattoo. But if you find yourself loving the vibe and you want to get it done permanently (and better-looking, of course), ask around for recommendations of a tattoo artist in your area friends and family trust.

Colorful leaves, spooky pumpkins, surprisingly cute skeletons and more than one Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming right up.

These colorful leaves pop against the skin.

It’s always spooky season with the colorful pumpkin masterpiece.

An acorn is too cute and would work great as a tiny tattoo as well.

Instead of a group of leaves, try one big bright leaf.

A more subtle nod to the season is this pretty Cloudberry tattoo.

Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! The tattoo is a popular one.

We love the way this artist took a broomstick through the pumpkin.

Add some candy for true Halloween vibes.

Or maybe a PSL? Out a mug is much chicer than a branded cup.

Just look at the detail on this Autumn Punch design!

A falling leaf adds romance.

The additional gourd is so cute!

Want to go a little smaller and more subtle? Try this adorable ghost!

Or this dancing skeleton!

We love this witchy potion bottle.

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