Start Planning Your Manicures Now: 25 Fall Polishes

Augusta Falletta
Start Planning Your Manicures Now: 25 Fall Polishes
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Much like the leaves change colors each fall, so do the nail polish colors on beauty store shelves. After a summer of glitter, neon and anything with the word “bright” in the title, we’re ready for a much needed palette change.

This fall, our favorite nail polish companies have shifted gears to darker hues, deeper neutrals, and accent colors of purple, teal and royal blue. China Glaze’s On Safari collection lets us go wild, while OPI’s Germany collection makes us feel like we’re traveling abroad with the most enviable manicure in town. Deborah Lippmann’s Magnet Appeal is the newest installment of magnetic nail polish, and Zoya’s Designer collection is just in time for New York Fashion Week.

Whether you’re a one color girl or you can’t get enough nail art on your hands, the new polish colors for fall have you covered. Geometric neutral patterns, ombre designs and metallic manicures are calling our names and with all the right tools, we’re sure to have some incredible #NailCall entries this season.

Flip through the slideshow of nail polishes above and tell us which hue you’re about to use in the comment section below! 

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Chanel's Le Vernis Collection is an obvious choice for 5th Avenue fashionistas this fall. 

Chanel Le Vernis Collection, $26 each,

OPI's Germany Collection has polish names that are just as cute as the colors themselves. Berlin There Done That is our new favorite nude. 

OPI Berlin There Done That, $6,

OPI's Danke Shiny Red has just enough of a hint of shimmer to dazzle on-lookers. 

OPI Danke Shiny Red, $6,

OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest is just the deep purple we've been searching for. 

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, $6.05,

Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue by OPI is just that - unforgettable. 

OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly-Blue, $6,

My Very First Knockwurst is OPI's newest take on a ballerina pink. 

OPI My Very First Knockwurst, $5.27,

Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! is our go-to polish of the fall. The grey is bold, yet neutral enough to match everything in your wardrobe. 

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!, $6,

Call of the Wild from China Glaze unleashes your inner animal. 

China Glaze Call of the Wild, $3.65,

Elephant Walk by China Glaze lets you walk on the wild side. 

China Glaze Elephant Walk, $1.99,

Man Hunt is gorgeous on its own or as an accent color in some nail art. 

China Glaze Man Hunt, $5.45,

I'm Not Lion, we've already got plenty of nail art ideas to do with this glitter polish. 

China Glaze I'm Not Lion, $4.68,

Godsmacked by Butter London is a fresh take on the classic black polish. 

Butter London Godsmacked, $14,

Lovely Jubbly is an open invitation for a party on your nails. 

Butter London Lovely Jubbly, $14,

Mer-maid For Each Other is the iridescent, much like a mermaid's scales, and we're loving it for a brunch-time color. 

Nicole by OPI Mer-maid For Each Other, $7.04,

If The Blue Fits is a sheer, shimmering polish that will be darker or lighter depending on how many coats you paint. 

Nicole by OPI If The Blue Fits, $7.04,

Iris My Case is a fun purple polish that's just what your back-to-school manicure is looking for.

Nicole by OPI Iris My Case, $7.04,

Zoya's Designer Collection features shades inspired by fashion designers, including Rekha, the ultimate deep red polish. 

Zoya Rekha, $8,

Monica from Zoya's Designer Collection is a deep, rich purple that would go beautifully with a light grey. 

Zoya Monica, $8,

Noot, a mix between deep teal and forest green, is our dream polish color for fall. 

Zoya Noot, $8,

Recessionista from Essie's Stylenomics collection gives a rich appeal with an affordable price tag. 

Essie Recessionista, $8,

Stylenomics, the polish named after the collection, is begging to be our next pedicure pick. 

Essie Stylenomics, $8,

Head Mistress is bold and in charge, giving you the fall confidence you need to tackle the back to school season. 

Essie Head Mistress, $8,

Hard Knock Life is the metallic grey of Deborah Lippmann's Magnet Appeal collection. 

Deborah Lippmann, $29 per set,

Magic Man, the electric blue from the Magnet Appeal collection, is drawing us in. 

Deborah Lippmann Magic Man, $29 per set,

Punk Princess is a rebellious take on the frilly, pink princess polish. 

Deborah Lippmann Punk Princess, $29 per set,

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