Fall Must-Have: Chanel’s Fall 2012 Runway Polish Is Called ‘Frenzy’

Amanda Elser

There are three things we look forward to every fashion week – Chanel’s runway nail polish, Chanel’s runway hair look and Chanel’s runway makeup look – in that order. If you think we are joking you are mistaken. While everyone else is drooling over Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection, we are soaking in every stroke and color created by¬†Global Creative Director for Chanel,¬†Peter Philips.

Sadly, we don’t get to fly to Paris to see the gorgeous runway look in person, but thankfully Glamour got the full-scoop from Philips himself.

While bedazzled eyebrows certainly made an impression on the runway, what we were more eager to get a peek at were the nails. Philips always debuts a new shade on the runway and this season was no exception.

This “lavender-taupe-gray hybrid” nude polish is called “Frenzy.” Each model received two coats of the opaque nude before their strut down the runway.

Philips said, “It’s a very beautiful, delicate pastel.” The polish actually matches the blush used on the Fall 2012 runway and Philips said both items are a part of the upcoming Les Essentials des Chanel collection and will be for sale in September.