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5 Makeup Trends That Will Take Over TikTok—and How To Execute Them

5 Makeup Trends That Will Take Over TikTok—and How To Execute Them
Photo: Shein. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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I think we can all agree that when it comes to finding fall makeup trends, game-changing beauty hacks and hidden gems, TikTok is a goldmine. The TikTok beauty community is always on a hunt to find affordable products to help us achieve the trendiest looks for less, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the dedication. From affordable dupes to hacks that will forever change how you approach your makeup routine, we can count on TikTokers to keep our makeup game strong.

If you love achieving the latest beauty trends on a budget, you need to have SHEGLAM, one of TikTok’s go-to brands for all things affordable beauty, on your radar.  When it comes to having quality beauty products that can help you achieve some of the best beauty looks to appear on your “For You” page, SHEGLAM has you covered and then some. Did we mention that SHEGLAM is also loved by some of our favorite beauty influencers, such as the ever so talented  @MannyMUAKeep reading to learn more about the beauty trends and hacks taking off on TikTok and how you can achieve them with SHEGLAM’s affordable beauty collection. Your bank account will thank you.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Sweat Proof Foundation

Sweat proof foundation trend


If there’s one thing that we can say about TikToker’s, they’re always going to keep users in the know of the best hacks to make their favorite products work ten times better. One trendy hack you should probably introduce into your makeup routine like yesterday is sweat proofing your complexion. Even if sweatiness isn’t a huge concern for you, sweat proofing your foundation does wonders for stopping your makeup from transferring to your masks and clothes, which I’m sure we all can relate to. Help your makeup last longer with these simple steps. 


  1. Start with freshly cleansed and prepped skin. Don’t forget to apply a primer after completing your skincare routine.
  2. Using a fluffy powder brush, set your primer with the loose powder in the SHEGLAM Insta-Ready Face & Under-Eye Powder Duo before applying the foundation. 
  3. Move on to applying your foundation and concealer. For best results, opt for a long-lasting, waterproof foundation formula such as the SHEGLAM COMPLEXION PROLong Lasting Breathable Matte Foundation
  4. Lightly set your foundation using the loose powder in the SHEGLAM Insta-Ready Face & Under-Eye Powder Duo. For undereye, opt for the pressed powder in the eye duo instead.

Mask Proof Matte Lips 

Matte lips trend


Speaking of masks, if you’re sick of your gloss or satin lips transferring to your masks, or just in general, we have some news for you. Matte lips are making a solid comeback, and TikTok, of course, has given us a foolproof hack for ensuring your matte lips are extra secure throughout the day. 


  1. Line your lips with your lip liner color of choice. Applying lip liner first will help your lipstick last longer and prevent it from feathering. 
  2. Apply a long-wearing matte lipstick such as SHEGLAM Cosmic Crystal Matte Lipstick.
  3. To lengthen the wear and of your lipstick, apply a thin layer of loose powder to set your lipstick in place for extended wear throughout the day. 

Dewy/Glass Skin

Dewy/glass skin trend


Glass skin, a term for glistening skin that appears poreless and luminous, has been getting a lot of shine on TikTok (pun intended). Though the look is generally achieved through extensive skincare that entails intense hydration, regular exfoliation, etc., you can fake the glass skin look with makeup.


  1. Start by doing your regular skincare routine, including moisturizer. The better moisturized your skin is, the more glass-like your skin will appear.
  2. Apply highlight to the highest points of your face (cheekbones and under your brow). Try SHEGLAM Cosmic Crystal Mousse Highlighter for a seamless dewy look.
  3. Set your face with a setting spray to add just a bit more dewiness for an enhanced glass-like finish. This also helps the look last from morning to night.

Laminated Brows

Laminated brows trend


If one thing’s for sure, TikTok is obsessed with full, even brows also referred to as the “laminated brow” look.  A professional laminated brow treatment uses a chemical relaxer-like solution to give brows a shiny, fuller, and more even look. As you may have imagined, this service can run you hundreds of dollars per session. However, you can achieve the look at home for a fraction of the cost by applying brow wax-like SHEGLAM’s Hi Brow Shaping Wax to mold your brows, giving them a laminated look from the comfort of your home. 


  1. Start with cleansed, makeup-free brows.
  2. Using a spoolie brush, gather some of the Hi Brow Shaping Wax by gently rolling the spoolie through the product. 
  3. Start by applying directly to your brows in the direction your brow hair grows naturally, ensuring the strands are evenly coated.
  4. Without adding additional product, mold your brows with your spoolie to your desired shape. Enjoy smudge-proof “laminated” brows that hold all day. 

Effortless Voluminous Natural Lashes

Lashes trend


After a long year+ of quarantine and WFH, some minimalistic beauty habits stuck—less is indeed more for many beauty lovers. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is beauty lovers ditching lash extensions for naturally volumized and lengthened lashes. To give your lashes sky-high length and impeccable volume, try SHEGLAM All-In-One Volume & Length Mascara


  1. On makeup-free and extension-free lashes, use the curved end of the SHEGLAM All-In-One Volume & Length Mascara to lift and lengthen your lashes.
  2. Use the other end of the mascara duo (the hourglass brush) to build up the volume of your lashes with this clump-free, waterproof and smudge-free mascara formula. 
  3. Optional: For extreme volume, try dipping your mascara wand into loose powder before coating the wand in mascara, then applying it to your lashes. 

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