Fall Hair Colors For Blondes: The Latest Trends and How to Upgrade Your Look

Augusta Falletta

The minute someone utters the phrase “hair colors for fall,” most women immediately think of deeper, darker hues of brown. Sure, the norm is to take your lighter summer color down a few notches once the chill sets in, but sweater weather shouldn’t have to mean we give up our blonde locks, right? We don’t want to sacrifice our golden hair and neither does the next light-haired lady, so what’s the answer when it comes to fall hair colors for blondes? Expert advice, of course.

For some pro help in this matter, we turned to master colorist Miguel Angarita of mizu Salon in New York City. Besides the latest trends for blondes and touch-up tips, Angarita also gave us some of the prettiest ideas for blondes. If you’re looking to change up your hair color for fall, here’s what all the cool blondes are doing.

fall hair colors for blondes cara delevingne

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“After summer, most girls have faded hair and it’s gotten lighter. The majority of ladies deepen the tone, cleaning it up to make it soft for the fall/winter season,” Angarita tells us. The biggest thing for blondes (especially those angling towards a “bronde” look for fall) is the soft, natural-looking tone. It’s not about going darker, per se, but about a richer tone overall.

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platinum blonde hair with pink

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“For platinum blondes, we’re making it very creamy, soft, muted tone. Some people are going towards the pastel tones, too, that’s a big trend. We take that double process and put in a dusty rose color. It’s subtle, and super fashionable. It doesn’t look chunky or too overdone, and it’s something that can be worn every day,” he says. We’re clearly big fans of pastel hair colors, which makes us excited that platinum blonde is still going in this direction for fall!

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lauren conrad hair

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Lauren Conrad has a natural, rich tone in her sombre hair color, and it’s beautiful,”Angarita says. “It’s a highlight around the hairline and then as you go down the hair, it’s a thin highlighting, nothing too bold or obvious. It’s going for a natural look with a soft, graduated tone. It’s more muted and light. Plus, when you wear a ponytail it looks one color, and when you wear your hair down it looks like another color.” Whereas ombre hair color was all about a definitive gradation between dark hair at the roots and blonde hair at the tips, sombre hair color is much more of a subtle gradation that looks natural. The best part? “Sombre is so low maintenance, and you only need to get it retouched every 3-6 months. It really just lasts,” he says.

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blonde highlights lauren parsekian hair

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“In the fall, with blonde highlights, we basically just retouch the highlights at the roots. The hair is already light from the summer, and we utilize that to our advantage so we don’t need to do any unnecessary damage to the hair,” he says. “No one’s looking for something yellow or gold. It’s more muted, natural, beigey blonde. It’s buttery, soft, creamy look.”