Transition Into Fall with 5 Fun Hair Color Ideas

Aly Walansky


As the seasons change, fashion influences our wardrobe as well as our hair. What we wear is changing from vibrant colors and light airy materials, to more earthy colors and heavier fibers, reflecting the change in weather. We are adding dimension, richness, and warmth to our hair color as well as the style, to compliment skin tones and the newest fall fashions.

Seasonal hair color trends aren’t just about adding bold colors. “We add warmth and depth to our clients color to better compliment their skin tone and winter fashion,” says Alterna Haircare Creative Team Member Megan Thompson.  “Our fall color trends are inspired by the change in environment as we move from season to season. Our color palette is derived from tones in nature, pumpkin oranges, warm golds, apple reds, and caramel browns,” says Thompson. We change hair color to compliment skin tonalities through the changes in the seasons.  Bringing in vibrancy and warmth to the hair will help richen up skin tones and better compliment the colder weather fashions.

Ombre and highlights are so last season, says Pierre Michel Salon‘s Jim Clinton, who for the past five years has been part of the hair team for The Today Show. Today, he is adding in lowlights to frame the face and bring his clients closer to their natural color. His blonde clients are turning golden. For brunette shades he accentuates the natural color by glazing the hair with rich golden and copper tones.

Go red
Deep reds are coming back in for fall, so go for a deep red all over or a deep red with lighter red tones framing the face, says Nikki Gilmartin, of Pierre Michel Salon. Rose gold is a popular color trend this season, especially for natural redheads, says celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel. This elegant color can look great on all skin tones if done properly.

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Add some contrast
For blondes contrast is a definite fall trend! Your tan is fading so your skin tone will no longer match that beach blonde color, says Gilmartin. If you are naturally light blonde, add some lowlights – if you are naturally darker blonde add less highlights then usual and let your darker color peek through. By allowing your hair more contrast you will already be lengthening the time between your upkeep appointments because roots will now blend in easier when they start to come in. A color-safe shampoo is always a definite to keep your color from fading and with blondes a masque is always helpful such as Kerastase Chroma Reflect to keep your hair healthy after color and to make your blonde healthy, shiny and luminous!

Mixing shades of brown will be very popular this fall, like the new color on Marion Cotillard, says Farel. Using a variety of browns that are close in shade has been popular among many celebrities and gives a cozy look to the hair, while reminding us of the changing colors of the fall leaves.

Take ombre for a fun spin
Reverse ombre with pastels is a trend that can be worn by any age and incorporates fashion-forward pastel colors to create a reverse ombre effect, says Farouk Systems Creative Artist Shawnee Heltsley. Top color combos include Bubblegum Pink Reverse Ombre (pastel pink mixed with a pure pink) or Aqua Ombre (pastel mint mixed with true teal and pastel blue). First timer? Do a test run by trying the reverse ombre pastel look on extensions.

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