18 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas You’ve Got to See

Rachel Krause
18 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas You’ve Got to See
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When it comes to hair color ideas, we’re always out to see the latest and greatest: we consider our hair dye game to be an ever-evolving work in progress. There are just too many fantastic options out there for us to be wedded to a single shade, not to mention cut, for life.

Whether we keep it natural or use the life-changing properties of chemistry to effect dramatic hair changes, we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite color ideas to inspire your color game. We’ll understand if you need to call your salon immediately.

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This golden-laced medium brunette shade is one of the most stunning we've ever seen. Both natural blondes and brunettes can get this look, courtesy of highlights and lowlights, so you have no excuse for not giving it a try.

Photo: Brit & Co. via Tessa Rayanne

We're of the mind that everyone should go really, really at least once, and if you have light to medium blonde hair, this kind of buttery hue is totally within reach.

Photo: via Instagram/merrgg

This is the perfect way to weave blonde tones into brown hair—basically, it's the consummate "bronde."

Photo: via Refinery29/Molly Cranna

Subtle highlights and lowlights interspersed throughout golden brown hair have a gorgeous natural effect that can even make hair appear fuller overall.

Photo: via The Red Notebook Blog

An ashy brown shade like this is incredibly flattering on cooler skin tones, especially if you have blue eyes.

Photo: via The Zoe Report

Ask your colorist to "paint" highlights rather than using foils for a natural, sunkissed look.

Photo: Pinned by Juliet Smithson via Nadine Klifman

Ombré doesn't have to be dramatic. Just look at this deep, rich brown, which fades into a subtle caramel shade around the ends.

Photo: Pinned by Stormy Dickens via Hair Fashion Online

Auburn hair never goes out of style, even if you weren't born with it.

Photo: Pinned by Carol Willis via Listotic

The golden strands throughout this cool, glossy medium brown shade catch the light but still look natural.

Photo: Pinned by Candice Andersen via Hair Fashion Online

One way to try out blonde without going all the way is to work much lighter sections into the lower half of hair. You'll get a brightening effect without the frequent coloring commitment.

Photo: Pinned by Louisa Garcia via Hairstyle Sword

Photo: Pinterest

Dark blonde and light brown hair easily gets a boost from beachy golden highlights.

Photo: via Box No. 216

If you have cool or neutral undertones, don't be afraid to try a super platinum shade. Just be sure to have your colorist paint on shadowy "roots," so it doesn't look quite so severe.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar via ImaxTree

For a little bit of edge, every hair type and color can spring for colorful streaks, like this classic, understated rose gold.

Photo: via Total Beauty

Medium and dark browns with cool undertones are flattering on most complexions.

Photo: Pinned by Gale Kelier via Hair Fashion Online

The best way to infuse some new life into every natural hair color is to ask for brightening face-framing highlights and a subtle ombré.

Photo: PinterestPinned by Kirsty MacK via Fashion Freax

Red isn't for everyone, but a rich, true ginger can be stunning.

Photo: Pinned by Rhiannon Bolton

Photo: via Etsy

Dark, cool coffee brown is a hard tone to achieve, but the results (and the cumulative amount of time spent in the salon) are worth it.

Photo: Pinned by Whitney Reed via Fashion Gone Rogue

Photo: via Alasdair McLellan

Icy platinum requires a lot of maintenance, especially on long hair, but it's uniquely impactful and perfect for all seasons.

Photo: Pinned by Elizabeth Kingston via Pretty Designs

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