Beauty Experts Reveal Their Best Fall Beauty Tips

model with berry lipstick


It’s a fact of life that we all learn some of our best beauty tips through word of mouth and let’s face it – some of the most random conversations with friends – because everyone loves to dish. But sometimes, it’s easier to skip the middle man and just ask the experts themselves for their best beauty tips, considering we’re hooked-in to the pros in the industry. Most people don’t have an on-demand arsenal of pampering geniuses at their disposal, but we just happen to have a few beautiful friends in our Rolodex, so we tapped them for some of their best fall beauty tips.

1) Make a bold lip work with the rest of your look.

Remember those bold lips that ruled the runways at Fashion Week? Romy Soleimani, Beauty Director at Large at, sure does. And since it’s all about making a statement with color this season, she wants to make sure you have fun making them all your own. “The idea of a bold lip may seem intimidating at first, but anyone can pull it off with some simple tips. [First], make sure your lips are hydrated and flake free. [Then] balance the rest of your makeup by concealing redness, keeping skin fresh, and using a subtle color on cheeks and an eye-opening mascara.” Simple, right?

Romy’s fall beauty must-have: By Terry Eye Designer Palette, Color Design, ($96)

2) Oil isn’t the enemy; it’s actually pretty awesome.

A lot of us think oil in any form is bad for our skin and can cause clogged pores and a greasy finish, but founder Alexis Wolfer says it actually comes in pretty handy when you’re looking to take off your makeup for the day. In the fall, especially, coconut oil can give your skin the extra boost it needs: “Remove your eye makeup with coconut oil – it will not only remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara, it will also keep your precious peepers moisturized as the weather changes.”

Alexis’s fall beauty must-have: Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Duo in Watermelon, ($18)

3) Get your beauty on overnight! 

Sarah Chue, manicurist with Exclusive Artists Management, knows how dry skin on feet can definitely put a damper on your fall shoe game. But it doesn’t have to thanks to one of her go-to tricks! “If you have dry skin under your feet, especially during the cold season, applying Vaseline before you go to bed is amazing,” Chue says. “After applying it under your feet, wear a sock over it and off to sleep you go. Do this every day until you see results!”

Sarah’s fall beauty must-have: Essie Partner in Crime, ($8.50)

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4) You don’t have to accept post-summer dry hair. 

Summer was a blast, but all that time in the sun isn’t exactly kind to our hair. Cortney Peck, hairstylist at Boston’s Jeffrey Lyle Salon, has just the trick for banishing fried summer strands.”After a fun sun-filled summer at the beach, dry hair (especially on your ends) is a major issue. To replenish the moisture the sun has stripped from your locks, multitasking formulas are key! Seek out a finishing product that will both polish your styled hair and give it some major TLC at the same time.”

Cortney’s fall beauty must-have: Kerastase Nutritive Touché Perfection Replenishing Balm, ($35)

5) Give your skin some TLC with loads of moisture. 

When summer’s bronzed, dewy makeup looks give way to fresh skin, it’s time to get serious about your skin care routine and reveal healthy skin, says Victoria Tsai, the founder and CEO of Tatcha. “Skin can get dehydrated in the summer, so replenish the skin’s moisture reservoir with a hydrating mask. Sheet masks form an occlusive layer on the skin and allow the serum to penetrate more deeply,” she says.

Victoria’s fall beauty must-have: TATCHA Polishing Rice Enzyme Powder, ($65)

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6) Learn how to make matte work for you.  

Glowing skin is great for summer, but a more muted matte look is definitely trending for fall, says Blondie, makeup artist with Exclusive Artists Management: “The latest trend this fall is natural looking skin with a matte finish. For those who love the ‘no makeup’ look, but still want to look after their skin, seek out a foundation with skin-nourishing benefits. For best results, apply using a Beauty Blender.”

Blondie’s fall beauty must-have: MAC Cosmetics’ Persistence Lipstick and Stone Lipstick  ($17 each)

7) Be flexible with your routine as the weather changes.

Sometimes you have to switch up your routine and the color palette you’re going for when a new season arrives. McKenzie Westmore, creator of Westmore Beauty, is a big fan of doing just that: “With the weather changing and becoming more dry, I always use a little oil around my cuticles and nails just before going to bed. With both my nail polish color and makeup palette, I [also] like to switch from light sun-kissed tones to warmer deeper tones – be it polish, eyeshadow or lip color.”

McKenzie’s fall beauty must-have: Westmore Lasting-Effects Eye Brow Gel (available on in September)