Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

Rachel Adler

If you thought that braids were only in because of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2010 season, you were horribly mistaken. After seeing a rise of disheveled side braids (thanks Alex & Guido!) we also welcomed back the LC braid and milkmaid braid with open arms the last couple of seasons. This season, we’ve watched hairstylists take braids to new states of array, as well as new levels of refinement.

Below are a few of our faves from the season (so far) and ones that we plan on replicating soon. As in, tomorrow.

115190 1297806368 Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

At Rag & Bone Guido Palau gave the girls a slightly “undone” braided look that they would be able to achieve themselves. He braided three separate sections of the hair somewhat haphazardly, making the look relaxed and easy to achieve.

115189 1297806367 Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

At Mara Hoffman the model’s sported thick side braids underneath turbans – the only obvious way to rock a turban. The key here is that the braid is again relatively loose and relaxed.

115191 1297806369 Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

For Y-3 we were brought back to our younger days with braided pigtails. To keep this look fresh and modern don’t pull your braids too tight make sure to let pieces wisp out and hang loose around the face.

115188 1297806366 Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

Band of Outsiders brought us another messy side braid, which can best be described as a “bad hair day braid.” The key to this look is to keep the section of hair that isn’t braided relatively loose – if pieces fall out let them.

115187 1297806327 Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Braids Are Back

At Rachel Roy we saw braids in a more refined manner, a lot like Oscar de la Renta’s milkmaid braid of fall ’09. Ted Gibson styled the look and incorporated a ribbon throughout the braid to give it a bit of color – an easy thing to do in your everyday style.