Fake It Until You Make It: Healthy Nails

Molly Carroll

Healthy Nails

As women, we have to make room in our schedules for quite a bit of personal upkeep. Finding the perfect skin care regimen for soft, glowing skin, styling our hair to appear effortless, yet chic, and applying our barely there makeup takes more time than we would care to admit. As much as we like to think we are superwomen, we are bound to drop the ball somewhere. Usually, the ball that is dropped is nail care.

To help your nails appear as shiny and beautiful as the rest of you, we have gathered a few helpful tips and tricks to get those strong nail beds you’ve wanted, but just haven’t had time for. Read on to find how to fake healthy nails and if you’re feeling generous, share the tips with your busy friends!

Say Hello To Your Nail File: Keeping a nail file handy is a great way to maintain your nails on the go. Using your nail file to smooth out any ridges and edges your nails may have will not only make your nails look nicer, but also help prevent further damage to the nail.

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Buff, Buff, Buff: If you are experiencing yellowing on your nails, spending that $5 on a nail buffer could be worth it. Buffing your nails is a great way to minimize any yellowing you may have.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize: Your nails, just like every other part of your body, get dry too! Applying a moisturizing oil or cream onto your nails and cuticles in a circular motion for a few minutes can really make a difference. Doing this will get the blood flowing to your fingertips and help combat any dryness.

Use a Base and Top Coat: Apply a base coat before the nail lacquer to prevent your nail from turning yellow and add a top coat for some shine. Or, if you want to simplify things, get a 2-in-1 base and top coat and apply before and after your polish.

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