Fake Fuller Lips Instantly With These Tricks

Angelica Di Guglielmo
Red lips


Fuller lips may have just knocked contouring and highlighting out of its top spot in the world of makeup trends. With celebrities rocking some serious pouts recently, beauty lovers have gone into a frenzy over how to get luscious lips without going under the knife–or needle, we should say. Products like lip pumps, which use suction to create a temporary larger appearance to the lips, have been flying off the shelves, being purchased by people in hopes of emulating the likes of Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie. But faking voluptuous lips is actually easier–and cheaper–than you think. In fact, many of the things you need to do so are probably already in your makeup arsenal. We’ve rounded up a few easy tips so you can achieve the full pout you’ve always dreamed of…and so you can stop doing the duck face for good. (Seriously, please stop.)

1. Exfoliate your lips.
Exfoliating not only removes dead skin, it also creates a plumping effect by stimulating blood flow to the lips. Do this often, with a lip scrub or just a toothbrush, for smooth and full lips.

2. Moisturize with peppermint infused lip balms.
You know those lip products that give your lips that “tingly” feeling? They usually contain peppermint extracts! Peppermint is a natural plumper, so try using a peppermint infused lip balm to moisturize your lips, or you can mix in a bit of peppermint oil to your favorite lip balm for a DIY option.

3. Choose nude shades over dark ones.
Dark colors, just like when you apply them to your eyes, create depth, which will end up making your lips look smaller. Stick to lighter, more natural, nude shades to achieve the fullest appearance.

4. Overline slightly.
Freeze! Put down that lip pencil and listen to us. We know your first instinct is going to be to overline like crazy, but trust us, you’re just going to look ridiculous. Instead, line slightly (seriously, the slightest amount) outside your natural lip line. Your lips will be enhanced without looking like a clown’s.

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5. Contour your lips.
Contouring isn’t just for your cheekbones. By using a lip liner that’s slightly darker than the lipstick you’re going to apply, you can create contours in your lips that will help you fake a fuller pout. First, draw a straight line in the center of both the upper and lower lip. Then, create two diagonal lines extending outwards from each center line. Apply your lip color on top and boom: instant fullness.

6. Apply a lighter color to the center of your lips.
On the very center of your lips, apply a color slightly lighter than your main lip color. This will attract attention and light, which will instantly create dimension and the look of plumper lips!

7. Highlight the cupid’s bow.
Take a light, shimmery highlighting shade and apply it to the small dip on the top of your lips, otherwise known as the cupid’s bow. Anything light and shimmery will attract light and bring that area forward.

8. Shade underneath bottom lip.
Use a cool toned powder and lightly shade underneath the bottom lip. This will make it seem like there’s a shadow being cast from the poutiness of your bottom lip.

9. Gloss, gloss, gloss.
Probably the quickest and easiest way to faking fuller lips is using gloss. So when in doubt, just apply a ton for a shiny, plump pout.