How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

Victoria Moorhouse
false lashes

Photo: ImaxTree

Applying false lashes is possibly one of the most annoying grooming tasks, ranking high up there on the list next to unpleasantries like bikini waxes. The results are amazing (just look at any Kardashian), but successfully sticking them on takes plenty of practice. So to find out how to make the process of learning suck a little less, we went to a pro who filled us in on some of her best fake eyelash tips.

Cut the lash.
Unless you’ve got yourself a custom eyelash hookup, most of the false lashes you buy at the drugstore are not going to fit perfectly. You’re going to need measure them to your lash line and then cut the strip so they fit perfectly, explains celebrity makeup artist Marni Burton for KISS Products, Inc. “Many people cut the wrong side of the lash,” she says. “It’s best to cut the outer end because of how it blends with the natural lash.”

Don’t use your nail clippers.
So there’s a lot of reasons you’re not going to want to cut your lashes with your nail clippers. First, that’s not something that should ever be near your eyes. Second, Burton says that using clippers or (worse!) paper-cutting scissors can actually damage the false lashes. She suggests using straight, thin eyebrow scissors so that you get a straight and sharp cut.

Look for lashes with a tapered end.
According to Burton, this is what mimics the natural lash line. She suggests using products like KISS True Volume Lashes ($4, that already have tapered ends.

Place your lashes on in two parts.
Here’s something that should make you feel better—applying false lashes shouldn’t be done in one quick swoop. Burton suggests applying the outer edge and then securing the inner. She adds that you “want the base of the false lash line to hit the root your natural lash line.”

Find your best angle.
This is actually really important in getting your falsies on. If you have a large, standing mirror, Burton says you should apply the lashes standing up. If you have a smaller table mirror, she says to tilt the mirror upwards and then look down while applying.

Apply the glue on the false lash.
After you place the glue on the fake lash line, Burton says to wait about 10 seconds and the glue should be tacky. Not only will this help the lashes stay in plce all day and night, it also makes positioning them way easier.

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