Makeup Your Way To A Good Night’s Sleep

Sable Yong
Getty Images / Paul Bradbury

Getty Images / Paul Bradbury

Nobody really PLANS to stay out until 2am on a school night, or the day before an important job interview, or any such momentous event that requires your alert presence possibly very early in the AM. Sometimes the party is just too good. Sometimes you’re just up late getting work done. You only ever really feel the punishment when your alarm clock mercilessly screeches you out of deep REM sleep. If what you see in the mirror when you shuffle your way to the bathroom is less than desirable and more than a little puffy, don’t worry—you have makeup on your side. Oh, and us.

Embrace The Chill. You’re not going to like this since it’ll likely feel like the ice bucket challenge. Washing your face with cool/cold water and applying cold products to your skin is your first line of defense for under-slept puffery. If you’re one of those people who keeps eye cream in the fridge, you’re already ahead of the game. It also wouldn’t hurt at all to grab a caffeinated eye cream, like 100% Pure’s Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Caffeine constricts blood vessels, so it’ll shrink the look of puffed up skin by immediately tightening the skin where it’s applied. Otherwise, the manual way to do this is by using a cold compress or spoons chilled in the freezer to gently press them against any under-eye/face puffiness.

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Scrub the Sleep Away. Skin dullness is a dead giveaway for when you’re less than perky. Consider this a good morning for a nice exfoliating scrub. Whether you use something with micro-bits to slough away dead skin or a chemical exfoliator, this is the morning to use it. Make sure to follow with a thoroughly hydrating moisturizer. We’re going for the flake-free look, right?

Brighten Up. A good under-eye concealer is your best secret weapon for sleepy times like this. Ones with brightening elements in them are obviously a top choice—YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Pen was made for this task. The trick lies in the application, mostly. Apply in the inner and outer corners and down to the top of your cheek. This should make an upside-down triangle shape. This shape illuminates that plane of your face to create a brighter area altogether—it’s one part of contouring, but you’re sculpting with light rather than shadow.

Fake a Flush. Believe it or not, blush is a miracle face-brightener. The more rosy-cheeked you are, the more lively you appear. Placement is key here, if you’re going for the looking-alive look. You will want to opt for a cream blush here, since they blend better and give a dewy/moisturized look. Focus the color on the apples of your cheeks—think of the places that naturally get sunburned or how your cheeks flush after going for a run.

Use Color as Contrast. If color theory taught us anything, it should make sense that to make some things look brighter, defining or putting darker things behind them should make them appear lighter by contrast. Now would be the time to break out those bright lip colors and black mascara. A swipe of vibrant color on your lips brings color to your face and black mascara makes your eyes appear brighter by darkening your lashes. Whatever you’re doing with your brows these days, now would be a good time to keep it up. Defining your brows will have the same effect.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine. You might FEEL like a death, but you don’t have to look like it. A good highlighter is one of those key items to wake up your complexion. Placed especially in the inner corners of eyes, on top of cheekbones, and under your brow-bone, it gives your face a glowy dimension.

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