The One Thing You Should Be Doing for Perfect Skin

Rachel Krause
Facial Massage

Photo: ImaxTree

We do everything we can for our skin—or at least, we thought we did, until we realized there was a whole world of untapped skin-bettering potential in the form of facial massage. As silly as it sounds, daily facial massages are like “exercise” for the muscles in the face. Just as a brisk jog increases circulation, releases toxins, and helps to flush toxins from the body, a good facial massage does the same for our skin.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser ($24.50, has long been one of our favorite ways to remove makeup and debris after a long day (or night), but it’s also the perfect soft, creamy cleanser to use when massaging your face. We asked Liz Earle’s brand ambassador and top facialist Sarah Carr for her best face massage techniques and tips.

“Start by using firm upward and outward circular movements, working up the neck, across the cheeks toward the ears, around the eyes, and over the forehead, finishing on the temples. These movements help to boost circulation, which aids skin healing,” she says.

Sarah also teaches specific draining movements, which “help to flush out the lymphatic system, which helps to remove toxins and decongest the complexion, resulting in brighter skin.” The draining movements are perfect for those suffering from skin issues, like puffiness or breakouts. To begin, “Using light pressure, use the finger tips or side of the thumb to gently sweep along the jawline toward the ear. Repeat about six times for maximum results.”

For those plagued with dark circles and under-eye puffiness, Sarah recommends “using your index finger to gently sweep from the inner corner of the eye, following the natural face contour to the jaw line. Do this around eight times on each side.”

Once you’ve mastered facial massage techniques, it’s a simple, super-relaxing way to get the best skin of your life—and it only takes a couple of minutes!

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