Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie

Mia Maguire
Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie
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Jamie Sherrill (A.K.A. Nurse Jamie) was not only one of the first figures to launch a range of now commonplace facial massagers, but she’s also amassed an impressive roster of celebrity clientele who trust her to perfect their complexions without going overboard. It’s safe to say when it comes to the realm of facial massage for anti-aging purposes, Nurse Jamie is truly an O.G. vet. Her celeb patient roster includes the likes of Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, EmRata, Molly Sims and Lisa Rinna — just to name a very select few. And frankly, after seeing the nurse work her magic on my own problematic complexion when I went to her spa — Beauty Park Med Spa in Santa Monica, CA — for a laser facial, I can totally understand why.

Facial rolling and massaging has gained major momentum within the beauty sphere in recent years, for its capacity to help refine and contour bone structure, accelerate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness, but while there may be plenty of facial rollers available on the market today, Nurse Jamie was most certainly one of the pioneering figures in this beauty trend that undoubtedly helped bring the once exclusively in-office technique to the masses. I got the chance to sit down with this celebrity skincare expert and ask her all of my burning questions about facial massaging and skincare overall. Read on for her crash course.

What are some of the most popular in-office procedures your patients are seeking recently?

My patients are loving the Lumenis NuEra Tight and Geneo Facial! These two of our most popular in spa treatments. They both work on every imaginable skin type. The NuEra Tight works well for skin laxity around the neck, jowls, face, and for fine lines. The Geneo Facial is essentially the future of facial and a celebrity favorite. [It] definitely will replace old school microdermabrasion. The NuEra Tight is also very popular as it feels like a soothing hot stone massage and works on every imaginable skin type, not to mention it head to toe tightening- who doesn’t love a little tightening?

[It also] has one of the highest system powers in the industry. It emits powerful RF waves at 470kHz with high 250W power meaning that it provides deep, powerful heating to areas like the thighs, stomach, arms, and back. Deep heating is critical to smooth out your love handles and thighs -leaving patients’ skin tightened and with a chiseled look all-over.

Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER

Mia Maguire.

 What skincare and post-procedure care do you advise your clients to maintain their results for as long as possible?

My beauty mantra is that it is better to maintain than to reclaim and always try to be preventative. So I assess and educate patients of all ages and give them a framework on how to help maintain their best assets and keep their skin condition in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

I [also] tell clients to think of the rules of eating that are good for your body; most ]of them] apply to your skin as well. It is the largest organ of the body so treat it like one. Be consistent with taking off makeup nightly. Use a hypoallergenic and antibacterial surface to cleanse your skin. Exfoliate regularly, manually or with a tool, but gently and consistently.

You were one of the first to introduce facial rollers to at-home skincare tool, how do they help with complexion and structure?

I believe that the future of beauty starts at home and with the UpLift It’s so easy to use – I dont want you to have to worry about following an acupuncture face map and memorize medial to distal movements – all you need to do is press and roll – and your complexion is left lifted, more taut and glowing because you are not only massaging your skin you are also help your skin to better absorb your skin care products.

Ideally we recommend massaging your face with the UpLift daily for approximately 3 minutes on each side, but we don’t want you to worry if you don’t have 6 minutes in the morning as this is a very friendly tool. For example, under my chin and my left eyelid need “more love” than the rest of my face (you know where you “need love”) and since I don’t always have time to do the full face routine I will just focus on these areas. I know real life and that is what this tool is about – in the privacy or your home/ office/ on an airplane/ while you’re on the phone or watching TV – add this to your routine. No appointment necessary.

For a full celebrity spa effect try incorporating my EGF Botanical Complex or Platinum 3 Oil with my skin perfecting silicone treatments using the FaceWrap and Neck & Decollete Wraps with the UpLift.

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Can using a facial roller actually help lift and contour bone structure?

Facial massage helps to improve your facial skin and muscle tone leaving skin with a glowy and refreshed complexion. Using a facial massage tool like the UpLift helps to accent bone structure with massaging action.

You can generally see results after using a beauty tool like the UpLift, TriAngle or Eyeonix for just a few minutes. I recommend that people test out beauty tools with a half face challenge- try the tool on just half your face for about 3 minutes and you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Are there any off-label benefits to using a facial roller (i.e. lymphatic drainage, etc.)?

So many benefits. Those who massage their faces regularly have more blood flow to the face which gives their complexion a healthy and natural glow. Those who don’t tend to have more visible puffiness and less firmness.

What is your best-selling beauty tool?

o The Nurse Jamie UpLift and my Beauty Beauty Bear pillow because side sleeping is the No. 3 cause of premature aging: (No. 1 is UV damage and now we have to think about HEV and blue light and No. 2 is smoking) don’t sleep on a wrinkle maker, aka a traditional pillow. Use satin only and – like my Beauty Bear — a shape that will help you train to back sleep – or at least keeps the opening for your face so that the most delicate areas around the eyes, cheeks and neck do not form permanent wrinkles.

What are some of your personal favorite skincare products and tools?

When it comes skincare favorites, moisturizers top my list. Moisturizers increase the skin’s water content and prevent it from feeling and looking dry, chapped and dull. Think of your skin as a raisin put in water, as soon as it absorbs the moisture, it plumps up and looks better. As we are all little snowflakes it’s important to pick the right moisturizer for your skin type here are a few of my recommendations: The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after a shower when the skin is damp and will trap moisture on the surface. The moisturizers best for all skin types: Nurse Jamie EGF Botanical Complex and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. For dry skin types [I like] La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream [and] Shani Darden Resurfacing Cream. [The} best moisturizers for oily skin types: Nurse Jamie Clear 2 Acne and Eucerin DermoPurifyer Moisturising Mattifying Care . For sensitive skin, I feel we all have sensitive skin …so I group this under all.

Remember to always use an at-home use a gadget or beauty tool as you can have the best ingredients (in a product) in the world & you can apply cream till you are blue in the face – but for maximum performance of your skincare use a beauty tool to help increase product absorption and optimal results.



Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER

Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER

Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER


Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER

Facial Massaging 101, According to Nurse Jamie | STYLECASTER

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