The Ingredients For Your Perfect Multi-Masking Cocktail

Sable Yong

You may already be familiar with cocktailing your hair products but now that #multimasking has made its way into your “trending” tab on Instagram, we need to take a minute to talk about how to do the same with face masks. Multi-masking involves using more than one kind of face mask on different areas of your face to address those areas’ specific skin concerns.

It’s a bit paint-by-numbers and a genius way to save time while pampering your complexion. After all, we all know the agony of having dry skin on your cheeks and an extra-oily T-zone. Allow us to offer you some face mask suggestions tailored to those contrasting areas.

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For your forehead: Foreheads have a reputation for being a prime locale where breakouts set up shop if you don’t tend to that oil mine (especially if you have bangs). Not everyone is oily to a problematic degree, but everyone’s foreheads take the most beating from UV rays, considering that plane of your face is tilted skywards. Try a mask that’s loaded with antioxidants to counteract UV damage and free radicals. If you are concerned about oil and grime, there are many clay masks that also incorporate antioxidants.

Other Options: Mario Badescu’s Rose Hips Mask—both are clay-based with antioxidants packed in. Fresh’s Black Tea Instant Perfecting Face Mask is a non-clay option that’s all about the antioxidants as well.

For your cheeks: Cheeks are an area of the face that differs for a lot of people. They can be dry, oily, breakout-laden, red, unevenly textured, large-pored, or just normal. So this will take a bit of discretion on your part. One universally appealing option is a face mask with mild exfoliators and soothing ingredients since the delicate eye area falls in this category. (PS: You shouldn’t be putting face masks over your eyes, in case you didn’t know).

Other Options: Origins’ Calm To Your Senses Face Mask, Mario Badescu’s Calma Mask, or Glossier’s MegaGreens Galaxy Pack— all of which are meant to gently slough your skin smooth while also boosting radiance and soothing irritation.

For your nose: Common complaints for this area are large pores, blackheads, shininess, and oiliness. If you just want to Hoover out those blackheads while also tightening your pores, a peeling mask will do the trick. Just remember to peel those off before you rinse the rest of your face!

Other Options: Boscia’s Bright White Mask, First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask, or Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask

For your chin: Anyone who suffers from hormonal breakouts knows that your chin is a minefield of cystic acne certain times of the month (or if you’re just on a stress binge). Since you can’t pick at them and they’re super painful to touch once erupted, take care of your chin preemptively to beat these bumps before they emerge. Keeping the skin exfoliated will prevent any dead skin build-up from exacerbating existing breakouts while eliminating the potential for future ones.

Other Options:Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix Mask, Murad Clarifying Mask, and Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Revitalizing Mask are all stellar options to keep your chin in check.

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