These Easy-to-Use Eyeliner Stamps Make Achieving the Perfect Cat-Eye Basically Foolproof

Mia Maguire
These Easy-to-Use Eyeliner Stamps Make Achieving the Perfect Cat-Eye Basically Foolproof
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the subtle “French girl flick” (also affectionately referred to as the kitten eye) or prefer to up the drama with a thicker cat-eye wing, if you’ve ever used liquid or cream eyeliner, you know that it isn’t an easy feat. While pencil eyeliners are great for rimming the waterline and creating a smokey eye, liquid eyeliners allow for a line that’s a bit more precise.

Regardless of how much practice and online tutorials you watch through and through, the trial-and-error period of mastering this iconic liquid eyeliner look can be downright maddening. Besides, unlike other eyeliner formulas, liquid liners dry super quickly to ensure their unrivaled staying power. While many formulas come with welcomed long-lasting wearability, this pro comes with the con of an application process that’s anything but forgiving unless you’re a legitimate pro.

Fortunately, there are some pretty innovative eyeliner tools that make getting the look just right ridiculously easy (yes, even for beginners). Magical eyeliner and cat-eye stamps are indeed, a thing—and frankly, they’re the answer to our non-professional-makeup artist prayers. Ahead, check out our favorite simple winged liner stamps to test out for yourself. You’ll be thanking us later, we promise.

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1. Lovoir Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Lovoir eyeliner stamp amazon

Courtesy of Lovoir.

This two-sided eyeliner and stamp hybrid has an end with a standard felt type marker and the other with a readymade stamp, so you can create small lines or go bold without having to be extra careful.

2. Mostroy Eyeliner Stamp Marker

Mostroy eyeliner stamp

Courtesy of Mostroy.

This two-in-one winged eyeliner tool has everything you need to create the perfect subtle flick or a bold cat-eye look without barely any effort at all. The transfer-proof formula also dries down fast for all-day wear.

3. La Pure Eyeliner

STYLECASTER | Eyeliner Stamps

Courtesy of La Pure.

This long-lasting eyeliner stamp resists smudging and transferring all day long. The matte black link glides on with streaking or tugging, leaving you with a seamless cat eye without the fuss.


4. Pinkiou Eyeliner Stamps

STYLECASTER | Coach Online Outlet

Courtesy of Pinkiou.

For a more whimsical look, try out this set of eyeliner stamps, each featuring a different design, including hearts, stars, and moons. This is a great option for music festivals and themed parties.

5. Maepeor Eyeliner Stamps

STYLECASTER | Winged eyeliner stamps

Courtesy of Best Land.

For those who prefer to add a bit of color to their winged eyeliner look, this pack of bright eyeliner stamps is perfect. The long-wearing formulas come in colors ranging from hot pink to neon yellow.