Eyeliner Makes A Statement At Couture Shows

Rachel Adler

For all of you ladies still using pencil liners, it may be time to suck it up and reach for that black liquid liner. Making quite the display at spring’s haute couture shows this week we’ve seen a mix of grunge and “un-retro” liner with many a makeup artist painting eyelids with black streaks.

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For those of us who love a thick line on our upper lids every now and again, but are a little tired of that “traditional” cat eye, we’ve been seeing some perfect replacements. Jean Paul Gaultier showed a particularly punk show (surprise, surprise) but the makeup (by Tom Pecheux) was gorgeous. With a thick winged liner and dark lashes only on the top lash line, Pecheux had the cat eye start at the mid-point of the eyelid for a more punk appeal.

111541 1296143231 Eyeliner Makes A Statement At Couture Shows

At Chanel, makeup artist Peter Phillips drew a blunt line up away from the eyelid to get a very “un-retro” look – also starting at about the mid-point of the eyelid. It was actually a beautiful compliment to the model’s soft pink cheeks and lips.