Eyeliner for Criers: Targeted


Jemma Kidd just joined the Target team and created a line of makeup at Target (read: recession-proof) prices. I can’t help but notice that everyone is talking about it. Even Charlene Young, one of my L.A. buddies who is generally a high-end kinda girl, is raving about it. She bought the eyeliner last week and says that it’s not only one of the best eyeliners she’s ever tried but it’s also the longest lasting. She tested it out last weekend and it miraculously didn’t budge from the time she applied it at 5 pm until she arrived back home at 3 am. One caveat? She followed the directions and used her oil-based makeup remover to take it off, and it STILL didn’t want to move. Pretty durable stuff. Jemma is a former runway model, so she knows what it’s like run from event to event, get caught in the rain, and still have to look great. So whether you’re a crier, swimmer, or have allergies, this is the eyeliner for you.

JK Jemma Kidd I-Tech Liquid Liner Collection, $18, at target.com

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