5 Things I Learned After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Megan Segura
Model with long eyelashes

Can extensions give you luscious lashes like this model’s?
Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

I’ve never really been aware of my own lashes. Sure, I swipe on mascara to make my eyes look more open, but I’ve never really considered whether I had “good” lashes or not. This all changed when I went to get eyelash extensions at The Lash Loft in NYC. Here’s what I learned from my experience:

1. The application process isn’t so bad.
At first, the thought of having to lie back for an hour while someone touched my eyes seemed like a mild form of torment, but it turned out not to be so bad. The only uncomfortable part of the process was when the technician taped down my lower lashes, so they wouldn’t get in the way. After that, though, I was able to keep my eyes closed and even dozed off.

2. The results can be jarring. 
From the moment I walked into the salon, I let my lash lady know that I wanted a natural look. I did not want the Kim Kardashian treatment. Because of that, I was given synthetic eyelashes (lashes made from mink hair tend to be more va-va-voom). Still, once the lashes had been applied and I looked into the mirror, I was a little shocked by the results. I liked the look, but I was also sure that everyone would be able to notice the change right away. Wrong! Neither my co-workers nor my husband noticed my new eyelashes until I pointed them out. Warning: Lashes may appear bolder to the person wearing them.

3. They can be a little painful.
I’ve worn false lashes before and never had issues, so I was surprised at how different the eyelash extensions felt. For one thing, when I pulled clothes over my head, I forgot to account for the longer lashes and caught them on my clothes a couple of times. I also sleep on my side and had to shift my position so the lashes didn’t bend back and poke my eyelid.

A technician applies eyelash extensions at the Lash Loft

A technician applies eyelash extensions at the Lash Loft.

4. When they say not to pull out the lash extensions, they mean it! 
My biggest beauty pet peeve is having clumps in my lashes. Through the day, I will run my fingers over my lashes and comb out any mascara clumps I find. The problem is eyelash extensions form the tiniest of bumps on the hairs, making it almost impossible for me not to pick at. It started with a couple lashes a day, but by the end of the two weeks I had them in, most of the lashes had fallen off on their own, and I wanted to get rid of the rest. The problem with pulling them out, of course, is they pull out your real lashes with them.

5. It’s an addictive beauty treatment. 
Once you’ve seen yourself with long, full lashes, you’ll find it hard to see yourself without them. Eyes look bigger and surprisingly younger with a set of falsies in (and it doesn’t hurt that you don’t have to apply mascara). But it’s not exactly cheap to maintain. A Full Natural Set of lash extensions at The Lash Loft costs an initial $150 and upkeep treatment can cost between $55 and $110. Still, after having experienced “good” lashes, it will be hard to say no to a repeat treatment.

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