Eyelash Extensions 101: YouTube Videos For Everything You Need to Know

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Eyelash Extensions 101: YouTube Videos For Everything You Need to Know
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We can’t all be born with the eyelashes of Kim Kardashian. Most of us were dealt the hand of short, thin and possibly even blonde eyelashes that even the most volumizing of mascaras cannot help. Searching for false lashes and lengthening mascara becomes a normal daily activity and after enough time, you begin to seek out more permanent solutions. If you’ve ever Googled “Latisse” or shopped around for a salon that boasts the best eyelash extensions in town, you know what we’re talking about.

Eyelash extensions have really begun to make a name for themselves over the past couple of years, and though we all know what eyelash extensions are, we still have a massive amount of questions when it comes to the procedure. How much do eyelash extensions cost and how long do they last? Are extensions worth the money? Is an eyelash growth serum more worthwhile than eyelash extensions? These questions beg to be answered and after scouring YouTube for the best eyelash extensions videos, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to everything extensions. After watching the videos above, you’ll have a complete understanding of everything you need to know about eyelash extensions (and then some).

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Watch the entire eyelash extension process from beginning to end, seeing the semi-permanent technique of attaching a synthetic lash to natural eyelashes with a bonding agent. We suggest watching this before you head to the procedure so you know exactly what you're in for. 

Watch "Eyelash Extensions" from OutLashe here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

If you're thinking about getting eyelash extensions, there's no opinion more honest than that of a beauty blogger. Hear how long the extensions last, the kinds of makeup you can and can't wear, and the pros and cons of the whole process. 

Watch "Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth It?" by FleurDeForce here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

The facts about how much eyelash extensions (and "re-lashes") cost, how long the extensions last, the difference between a half set and a full set, if extensions damage your natural eyelashes, and how to find a salon for eyelash extensions. 

Watch the entire "All About Eyelash Extensions! FAQ and Application!" from CityAndMakeup here. 

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

Learn the at-home $10 alternative to eyelash extensions. Keep in mind that this video was created by a professional and you should take every precaution necessary when putting adhesive glue near your eyes. 

Watch "$10 Alternative to Lash Extensions" from Madamemae002 here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

How to prolong the wear of your eyelash extensions by keeping them dry, clean and straight. 

Watch "How To: Make Your Eyelash Extensions Stay on Longer!" from Chiutips here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

Why you shouldn't wear mascara with eyelash extensions, how long the process takes and why you should get lash extensions if you're in a relationship. 

Watch "Eyelash Extensions: Experience and Review" from Beautybybrittneyx here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

If you're debating between eyelash extensions and Latisse, we recommend watching this comparison video before making any rash decisions. 

Watch "Lash 411: Latisse vs Lash Extensions" from MakeupGeekTV here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

Whether you're planning on applying lash extensions at home or heading to the salon, be sure to avoid using adhesive glue that can harm your eyes in the process. 

Watch "Buyer Beware: Eyelash Extension Glue" from Lilikoilooks here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

A step by step process of getting eyelash extensions, take a closer look at this procedure with tips from a professional. 

Watch "Eyelash Extension Tutorial" from MakeupGeekXtra here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

The Doctors weigh in on the risks and rewards of eyelash extensions. 

Watch "Eyelash Extensions on The Doctors: Xtreme Lashes" from Xtremelashes here

Photo: YouTube/YouTube

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