Exclusive: Eyeko Teams Up With BNKR to Show You How to Rock the Clumped Lash Look

Rachel Adler

You may already know of Eyeko as the eyes-only makeup line that shot to prominence after it partnered with Alexa Chung to create a liner and mascara set. But, the brand has since expanded not only her collection, but the entire eye line – and is embarking on a new fashion-focused collab for fall.

To debut its latest product, Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara, (a perfectly on-trend mascara that re-creates the sooty look we saw all over the Fall 2015 runways), Eyeko teamed up with contemporary Australian fashion brand BNKR to align with its September launch of the product in Australia. We spoke with founders Nina and Max Leykind about the new product launch, and have the exclusive sneak peek of their gorgeous lookbook with BNKR.

Girl with blonde hair and clumpy mascara

Photo by Gretl Watson-Blazewicz

According to Nina, the new mascara actually has a guitar-shaped wand—bringing the whole rocker chic theme full circle—but it’s more than just for show. The mascara itself was inspired by the “ingenues of the ’60s and ’70s, like Francoise Hardy, Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg.” To best emulate the look seen above, they created a brush that would help get that “sooty, fluttery lash” and needed something with a tapered end that allows you to sweep over the lashes vertically, yet still plump your outer lashes as well for a curl.

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Photo by Gretl Watson-Blazewicz

“It’s such an effortless, youthful look and pairs well with the graphic liner and smokey eyes,” says Nina of the clumpy lash look. Obviously, for everyday clumpy lashes are a no-go, but to get the look at night, she gave us a few pointers: “Aim for volume by thickening up the lash line using your wand to push color into the roots, and then pull the brush through to the tips. Apply three coats, and once lashes are dry, give them a quick two-second lift with your lash curlers for long-lasting definition and hold.”


Photo by Gretl Watson-Blazewicz

And, you can even go for a full-smokey with this rocker-chic trend, if you so desire. For the look above, a taupe shadow was smudged into the crease and blended below the lash line as well for added depth. Makeup artist Isabella Iasenzaniro used two coats of Me & My Shadow in Taupe and blended well to deepen the tone.


Photo by Gretl Watson-Blazewicz

As for what’s to come for the brand, Nina notes that all of their partnerships and collaborations have formed in a very spontaneous and organic way. “For us, it’s about an exchange of ideas and ultimately doing something fun and playful, whether that’s with Alexa where we shot our first product campaign pics on an iPhone and then incorporated her napkin doodles on our packaging. Watch this space, we definitely have a few surprises up our sleeves coming soon!”

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