Eyebrow Waxing 101: At-Home Tips and What to Expect at the Salon

eye brow waxing

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If you know that tweezing every day for perfectly sculpted eyebrows is just never going to happen, eyebrow waxing may be the fast and long-lasting option you’ve been looking for. Get this—the shape can last up to six weeks!  Ready togive the technique a shot? Here’s a simple guide to getting gorgeous brows at home, and a breakdown on what to expect if you do decide to head to the salon.

At-Home Waxing

DIY waxing can be a bit intimidating. So we got some expert tips from Janet Chao, a certified esthetician, about how best to sculpt on your own. She recommends using Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips ($10, parissa.com), since their small size makes them perfect for shaping arches and reaching tiny hairs.

Before you begin, be sure the hair is at least 1/8-inch long so the wax has enough length to grip. “Start with the bottom of the brow, pressing the strips on in the direction of the hair growth and pulling the strip off in the opposite direction,” Chao recommends. When removing, pull the strip back in one quick movement. “The faster the strip is removed, the better the results. Don’t peel or pull off slowly.” Skin may be tender after, so Chao recommends soothing the skin. Parissa’s strip package includes azulene oil to clean the area and reduce stinging.

Scared you won’t get perfectly shaped brows? “If you need a guide — try drawing your eyebrows in with an eyeliner first, then simply wax the stray hairs around the outsides of the lines,” Chao says.

Salon Waxing
First comes the consultation. Do you want a pronounced arch or straight shape? Full brows or thinner ones? Your esthetician should ask what you prefer before he or she starts waxing away. And if your brows are on the bushier side, they may need to be trimmed with scissors before waxing.

Next, your brow technician will cleanse the skin along the eyebrow area and apply a powder will to prevent wax from clinging to sensitive skin. He or she will apply the wax and adhere a strip to the area. Once the wax has cooled, the esthetician will rip off the strip quickly. Finally, he or she will use a wax cleanser to remove any residue and apply an aloe solution to soothe the skin.

A salon waxing can cost anywhere from $7-30. Don’t forget to tip!

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