Eyebrow Wax: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Augusta Falletta

eyebrow wax

Bold eyebrows may be the “it” beauty accessory right now, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your brow grooming altogether. Sure, you may let them grow in a bit to fill out any tweezing disasters of the past few years, but you should still be shaping and trimming your brows to keep them from looking unkempt. If you’re thinking about waxing as your preferred hair removal choice (over tweezing or threading), there are a few things you need to be aware of before you head to the salon.

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Never get a wax the same day as an event: Especially if it’s the first time you’re getting a wax, never go the same day as an event where you’ll be out with people, likely being photographed. The skin around your brows will be red for a bit after the wax, and if you’ve got sensitive skin, this could last for a few hours. To play it safe, get a wax about three days before any events so that you have plenty of time to heal, and not so much time will have gone by that you look like you need another wax.

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You’ll likely get a trim with your wax: Think of it like a haircut for your eyebrows. The person waxing your eyebrows will likely use a small scissor to trim long hairs, too, so don’t be alarmed if a pair of trimmers comes out.

The hairs need to be long enough: Just like every other area you can have waxed, the hair on your brow needs to be long enough that the wax can really take a hold. It may be frustrating to wait three weeks in between appointments while the stray hairs are growing in, but you won’t be able to wax hairs that aren’t long enough.

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It hurts less as time goes on: Removing the hair from the root time and time again will help it to grow back in finer and slower. Each time you go for a wax, it’ll hurt less because the hair being removed won’t be as thick, meaning there’s not as much to remove. Plus, because it grows back slower, you won’t have to go as often and you’ll save a bit of money.

You can numb yourself beforehand: For women with a low pain tolerance, numbing creams work wonders. About 30 minutes before your appointment, apply a topical numbing cream to the area you’re going to have waxed and, if you really can’t take pain, take two aspirin.

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