The Best Tools For Every Kind of Eyebrow Situation

Ashley Okwuosa
The Best Tools For Every Kind of Eyebrow Situation
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The perfect eyebrows almost seem like an illusion. With countless brow shapes and products out there, it seems almost impossible to know which one will work best for you. Whether your eyebrows are a bit thin or on the fuller side, and depending on if you want them to look natural or statement-making, finding the best product for your own unique brows can be daunting.

Based on the kind of look you want to achieve, we’ve rounded up the best brow products for every kind of situation. Take a look at the guide above, then tell us which products you’ll be using on your brows in the comments below!

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No matter what you're going for, here's what you should be using on your brows. 

Want to work on your natural brow instead of experimenting with powders and gels? Givenchy has created the product for you. This transparent eyebrow pencil is great at keeping your natural brows in place and tidy all day, minus making them any darker or fuller.  

GIVENCHY Mister Eyebrow-Fixing Pencil, $25.00, 

Brow powders are great at creating a natural looking brow. If you have thin brows and you're looking for a little depth without looking overdone, this is the product for you.

ILLAMASQUA Eye Brow Cake, $23.00,

Like the name suggests, this product gives you dream brows instantly. Although it's a pencil, it has a powder like finish and it's easy-to-slide-on application makes for minimal mistakes. 

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, $20,

If you're a fan of bolder brows and you're looking for something to give your natural brows some definition, look no further. This product also lasts all day long, so you don't have to worry about fading. 

Laura Mercier Brow Definer, $20,

This tweezer is a girls best friend. If you've already been endowed with thick brows and you are looking to give them some subtle shaping, this product is the only one you need.

Tweezerman Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer, $22,

The best way to apply powder to your brows? An angled brush that's just small enough to work perfectly with the size and shape of your natural eyebrow hairs. Before you use this with powder, tap off any excess product so that your brows don't come out overdone. 

Makeup Forever Angled Eyebrow Brush, $21,

If you're filling in your brows with any kind of product, always, always, always brush them through afterwards. In the same way that you need to blend your makeup, any product in your brows should be blended so that it looks as natural as possible. This spoolie brush is one of our favorites, because it leaves no brow un-blended. 

Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Spoolie Brush - No 127, $1.99,

This brow gel is a favorite for many. With its spoolie brush applicator, you'll hardly ever make any mistakes when using this product, mainly because it blends as you apply. Genius. 

MAC Cosmetics Brow Set, $16,

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