The Best Brow Tips You’ve Never Heard Of (But Have to Try!)

Victoria Moorhouse
brow tips


When it comes to useful eyebrow tips, you probably don’t need another person telling you not to over-pluck your brows—we know, already! And at the end of the day, is that piece of advice really going to help you fill them in? Instead of just telling you to grab a pencil and get to work, we caught up with Aveda‘s global Artistic Director for makeup, Janell Geason, to get her best, totally unheard of eyebrow tips. Prepare for the best brows of your entire life.

Find Your Starting Point
Figuring out where to start penciling-in is crucial for a natural-looking brows. Geason suggests starting from “the nostrils up.” Create a straight line from your nostrils up to where your brows would be. That line is where you start drawing your brows—and no further. “If you start too far in, it can close in your eyes. If it’s too far out, your eyes are on your ears,” she tells us. The Hammerhead shark look—not something we want to emulate!

Focus on the Arch.
After you’ve figured out where the brow begins, Geason says you need to find your arch. “The number one mistake that I see when women doing is that they start it [the arch] in too close,” she tells us. “If it’s too close in, it closes in the eye.” Geason says the perfectly placed arch is half way or 2/3 down the brow, or right outside the iris of the eye.

Apply Your Brow Pencil on Your Skin.
This tip blew our minds. Geason says to brush your brow hair down before you apply any tip of brow product. “When I’m filling in brows, I always like to brush the brow hair down, so I can see that top line,” she says. Once you see the line and brush down your hair, she says you can put the liner or the shadow directly on your skin and then brush up your brow hair. This will enhance your arch and prevent you from just layering brow product on top of your brow hairs for a more natural look.

Use a Mascara Spooley.
For a really natural look, Geason suggests apply shadow or liner to a mascara spooley and brushing through your brows, rather than  painting it on top of the hairs and then blending it. This is actually game changing.

Pick the Right Color!
Whether you’re using a gel, a pencil, or a shadow, you need to pick the right color—or you run the risk of looking like you drew on your brows with a Sharpie, notes Geason. She suggests picking a brow product 2-3 hues darker than the roots of your hair, not the ends, for a perfectly bold color match.

Apply in Small Strokes.
When you apply liner, Geason says you should be doing it in short, small strokes and then brushing it through the brow. Continue doing this until you get the look you want. “A great brow can take a while, but a brow can be a whole look.” Yeah, we couldn’t agree more.

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