Eyebrow Threading vs. Tweezing: Which Is Better?

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

With so many hair removal methods available, it’s hard to know which one is best. We spoke to brow experts to get their opinion on the best way to get sculpted brows.

“The choice between threading or tweezing should be based on individual needs,” says Browhaus Brow Architect Michelle Wu. “The difference is in the result of the final brow shape. Tweezing results in more defined brows as it removes the stray hairs strand by strand to give them a clean, precise look. Threading is able to remove even very fine hair strands. Threading is highly recommended for those who prefer a natural look.”

Brow guru and makeup artist Ramy Gafni offers up a different opinion. “Dread the thread! Threading is what was done years ago before tweezers were invented. Today we have indoor plumbing and tweezers, so why revert to threading when tweezing is far more precise and hygienic?”

And what about waxing? “Waxing is fine for the lip and below, but is too harsh on the delicate skin around the eye area,” says Ramy. “With waxing, there is also a lack of precision, which can ruin an eyebrow.”

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