3 Simple Steps to Totally Sweat-Proofing Your Brows

Rachel Krause


Let’s state the obvious: good brows are absolutely critical to pulling any look together, regardless of whether you’re going low-key for day or majorly dramatic at night. We’ll even suggest that if you’re just going to do one single thing to your face, make it your brows.

But what’s the point of spending time grooming and filling in your brows if they’re just going to melt off midday? This problem is especially pressing during the summer, when our faces lean toward the sweaty side of things and our makeup won’t seem to stay where it should be. Frankly, our brows are the last thing we want to see sacrificed to sweat, so we’ve devised a simple three-step formula to banishing eyebrow sweat issues altogether. Yes, altogether. Here’s how!

Start with waterproof brow products.
They’re out there, and they’ll make your quest to avoid smudged, sweaty brows exponentially easier. If the product claims waterproof or even just water-resistant properties, it’s likely a good bet for this purpose. You may need to take further steps to bulletproof your brows, but laying the foundation with a waterproof pencil, marker, or gel is the best place to start. We’re partial to MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow—it comes in seven very different shades to suit every hair color, and the pigmented gel formula means a little goes a long way.

Set with waterproof mascara.
Once you’ve got your color firmly in place, follow up by combing through a clear waterproof mascara for another layer of hold. The mascara will act as a barrier between your filled-in brows and water and sweat, so it’ll make your look virtually smudge-proof, too. ULTA Raincoat Waterproof Mascara Topcoat will keep everything in place, and it dries quickly to avoid that unnatural shiny brow effect.

Use a finishing spray.
We’ll go right ahead and call ourselves makeup setting spray evangelists: No makeup is complete without a strong spritz of finishing spray, which will pretty much guarantee that your brows aren’t going anywhere (or the rest of your makeup, for that matter). As for our pick? Coola Face SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray is the holy grail of setting sprays, as it both lasts all day and provides a decent amount of sun protection. We don’t know how we ever lived without it.

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