What Do Brow Sculpting Kits Do, Anyway?

Victoria Moorhouse
brow sculpting

Photo: ImaxTree

Brow sculpting. It sounds like a weird beauty treatment you’d get once a year at the salon at the hands of a trained professional, but we can assure you it’s something you do it all by yourself every. single. day.

If you’re unfamiliar, this little buzzword is basically another umbrella phrase for grooming, filling in, and shaping your eyebrows. As long as you have a pencil, a gel, and one of those little spooley tools, you can get it done. But brands are making the entire process way easier by making eyebrow sculpting kits. And we dig them—they’re way easier to use than any contouring product you’ll ever come in contact with.

Generally, eyebrow sculpting kits are compacts that come with every product you’d need to shape, thicken, and tame those brows. Usually, you’ll find a gel that helps you “sculpt” them into the shape you want—some brands make these with a light brown tint, while others keep it clear. Then there’s a matte shadow product that helps you fill in any spare spots. Finally, you’ll likely find a shimmery cream shade used for highlighting the brow bone.

brow drama

Photo: Maybelline

Maybelline’s Brow Drama Set ($11, target.com) includes all three off these little features, as does the Laura Geller Brow Sculpting Palette ($29, macys.com). Ulta’s Brow Shaping Kit ($10, ulta.com) clearly goes by another name, but has everything you’d need to do the same thing, while Rimmel’s Brow This Way Sculpting Kit ($4, drugstore.com) only includes a powder and a tinted gel, but hey, the price drops.

So what do we think about these kits? If you’re someone who goes through the step-by-step of setting your brows every single day, and carries along the products for touch-ups before happy hour, they’re worth it.

They’re even more worth it if you’d rather fill in your brows with a powder than a pencil. If you swear by an eyebrow marker and don’t even touch gel, we could understand why you would pass.

We’ve been testing out a few for a while, and while the directions vary on what to apply first, they get the job done. Maybelline’s Brow Kit gives us a bolder look that stays-put, while the Laura Geller version was a solid option for a more natural look. If nothing else, we save time rummaging through our handbags looking for that pencil that always seems to vanish right when we need it.

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