5 Eyebrow Pencil Mistakes We All Make—And Shouldn’t

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We’re not all born with full, shapely eyebrows like Lily Collins, but thankfully, with the surge of brow products on the market, we don’t need to be. The easiest tool to fake perfect arches? The eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately, however, the eyebrow pencil is both a fantastic tool and the cause of quite a few makeup faux pas. Here are the mistakes to avoid when creating the perfect arched brow.

Drawing Harsh Lines
When filling in, celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey Healy suggests using quick, sketchy strokes that resemble small hairs even before blending. Never draw through the entire brow, creating harsh, solid lines.

Forgetting to Blend the Lines
Eyebrow pencils are shaped just like eyeliners and lip liners, but we don’t want the sharp lines this time. To avoid obvious looking lines, use a spoolie brush (some brow liners are double-ended with the brush on the other side) to blend in the product. Comb the brow hairs downward to blend with the pencil marks. You can also use a shadow brush or Q-tip to soften the lines.

Using a Sharp Point
A simple way to skip the blend—start with a fine point brow pencil. This again eliminates obvious-looking lines.

Going Too Dark
The contrast of blonde hair and dark brows looks great on Cara Delevingne, but going too dark can actually age you. To soften your features and enhance your eye color (especially brown eyes), choose an eyebrow pencil one to two shades lighter than your hair color.

Skipping the Extra Ammunition 
The more tools, the better. A brow pencil is best for drawing a precise shape, brow powder fills in any bald sections (by sitting on the skin behind the hair, it gives the illusion of fuller brows), and a colored or clear gel helps to set them. For perfect brows, you need all three.

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