Eye Makeup to Balance Bold Lipstick

Rachel Nussbaum
Eye Makeup to Balance Bold Lipstick
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It’s pretty obvious that a bold lip is one of our favorite accessories. It’s quick, easy and look-defining, and best of all, there’s an option for every skin tone and occasion under the sun. Yet while it’s important to find the right shade, what really makes or breaks it is pairing it with the right eye makeup look.

Somehow, dramatic red lips with no makeup (aka blotchy skin and bleary eyes) doesn’t quite give off the “casual but cool” vibe we’re always aiming for, despite looking gorgeous on nearly every model we’ve ever seen. It didn’t add up,  until it did–the models had naturally flawless skin and defined eyes, something that we need a little help in faking. It’s a lesson that stuck: The little things make a big difference when you’re going for a lip, taking it from “playing with my mom’s lipstick” territory to a walking, talking editorial. Basic eyeliner and foundation get a bit boring after awhile though, so here, a few looks to take your bright lips to a megawatt look.

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Bare Eyes, Flawless Skin. The focus is 100 percent on the lips here, which is why it's important that her skin is completely flawless. Get a similar look with a luminous, full-coverage foundation, and for added brightness, use an eye primer on lids to get them even, too.

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Line Only Upper Lids. While the bare-eyed look is beautiful on those who can pull it off, not all of us are so sure of ourselves. If you're craving a little more definition, line only the upper lids with black liner. It's the definition of classic, and goes with any hue lipstick.

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A Black Cat Eye. A cat eye is the perfect blend of boldness and precision to balance a bright lip, but with all the attention on just the two features, make sure your liner is flawless and inky-dark. Gorgeous eyebrows also help.

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White Liner. This look maintains a level of minimalism, while simultaneously brightening eyes and looking ultra-cool. Jackpot! Just line your bottom lids with a highly-pigmented white, and go about your day.

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Full Brows. Another way to define eyes without overloading on both bold lips and mounds of eyeliner, try this look. If you're feeling a little naked or under-done, brown mascara adds that "natural beauty" touch.

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Contoured Eyes. Get this look by sweeping a medium-brown shadow into your crease. It's super subtle, but makes a big difference--the contrast will make your lids pop, while the simplicity still lets your bold lip shine.

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Wash of Color. Contouring brown eyeshadow is everywhere these days, and with good reason. A single wash of diffused brown color gives dimension to eyes without stealing the spotlight.

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Just Mascara. Most of us lean towards an eyeliner-mascara combo, which is why mascara alone feels so fresh. Load up on your upper and lower lashes, and do not fear the clumps!

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