Ouch! Indoor Tanning Can Reportedly Result in Eye Burns

Victoria Moorhouse
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Stockbyte / Getty Images

The fact that indoor tanning beds can lead to and increase your chance at developing a slew of serious skin conditions—dangerous burns and even worse, skin cancer—isn’t exactly shocking. With the amount of studies that have been released, mounds of research, and the fact that Australia banned the beds completely, what is surprising is that these machines are still being used as a way to artificially replicate a sun-kissed glow.

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So what’s the latest on the scary tanning bed statistics? It’s a doozy. According to Time, a new study on injuries caused by tanning beds reports that out of 3,200 tanning bed injuries that U.S. emergency departments treated, 80 percent of them were skin related. And if you think that burns caused by those machines are limited to your limbs, think again. Six percent of the injuries that were documented were to the eyes, and this included eye burns from UV exposure!

Talk about terrifying.

The eye injuries also included instances when bulbs broke and shattered into users’ eyes. Um, yikes!

However, it wasn’t noted if these burns were caused by people taking off their goggles or if their goggles weren’t blocking the UV rays effectively. Either way, we think this study is more than enough to keep us (and hopefully, you!) away from tanning beds altogether.

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What do you think about this study? Does this make you rethink indoor tanning? Let us know in the comment section below.

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