Extreme Beauty Transformation: A NYFW-Inspired Timelapse

Rachel Adler

We introduced you to our very talented editorial designer, Rolly Robinson, in our first edition of our Extreme Beauty series a couple of weeks ago. After the always-inspiring New York Fashion Week shows, we figured it was due time for Rolly to take on another extreme transformation, this time drawing on inspiration from the many shows he saw over the course of the New York shows.

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Rolly chose to pull from a few different shows to create his final design – Thom Browne, Adam Lippes and Alexander Wang, noting that he was inspired by different elements in each show, and drew them all together for his final look. Combining the “exoskeletons” from Thom Browne’s show with the florals at Adam Lippes, he completed his entire look with delicate beading that was spotted on the clothing at Alexander Wang.

The entire transformation took 3 hours to complete – and included 60 pearls and rhinestones that bedazzled his face! But trust us ladies and gentlemen, what you won’t want to miss is how Rolly takes small strips of black velvet paper and creates an actual exoskeleton on his face – you need to see it to believe it!


 Time Spent to Transform:

3 hours!

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