Extreme Beauty Transformation: A Floral-Inspired Timelapse

Rolando Robinson

As the polar vortex begins to fade away, we can finally move ahead into what felt like only a memory for so long. Spring! What’s that saying again? April showers, bring May flowers? OK, so it’s not May yet or even April for that matter—but there is hope, and we are close! In an exciting preparation for the most beautiful season ahead of us, our third episode of Extreme Beauty is inspired by my favorite florals. From fresh, flower-patterned gowns to budding rose gardens around the city, nature is a huge source of inspiration.

Extremely delicate and eccentric, this look was no easy feat. My face cage took a whopping 8 hours to make, and it’s comprised of a slew of materials. The lattice body of this facial structure is built from rope. To make it, I used a simple hanging succulent garden tutorial to create the shape. Using all materials that I have around my house and a couple of hot glue gun burns later, we have a headpiece fit for a garden party queen.

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A couple of things to remember when doing any makeup look, no matter how intense or subdued, is to make sure your skin is prepped to perfection so your base goes on flawlessly, as well as all the other bells and whistles. I made sure to prep my skin accordingly prior to filming with some of my favorite products ever. I used Earth Tu Face Face Balm, L’Occitane Divine Lotion, and of course, a primer to prolong my makeup and to create a smooth pre-base. The primer I used for this look is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, which I then mixed with the Chantecaille Liquid Lumière for an extra glow.

Aside from skin perfecting and headpiece construction, another huge factor was making the stencils. To make these, I drew organic shapes onto heavyweight paper. Once satisfied, I cut them out very carefully with an X-ACTO knife. Using a thicker weighted paper allows for the stencils to be more sturdy, as well as have a bit more longevity so they can be used more than once.

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Stencils1 hour
Lattice face cage: 8 hours
Makeup: 3 hours

Total time: 12 hours