Exploding Ponytails At Herve Leger

Hans Gutknecht
Herve Leger's exploding ponytails

Herve Leger’s exploding ponytails Photo: Dennis Ho

For anyone who ever thought ponytails are dull and drab, this hairstyle at the Herve Leger Fall 2009 Fashion Show will prove you wrong. “This look is very sleek and polished in front, but in back the ponytail is full of incredible volume. It’s almost like it is exploding,” explains lead hairstylist Dennis Lanni for Bumble and bumble.

Herve Leger hair closeup

Photo: Dennis Ho

To create this amazing body, he pulled hair back then secured in a ponytail. Then he rolled small sections of the ponytail up into figure 8 shapes, securing them with a small elastic.

Next, he crimped each one by squeezing it with a flat iron.

Once cool, he undid the figure 8’s, lightly brushed out and then teased all over for full volume. HOT!

Herve Leger hairstylist

Photo: Dennis Ho

Herve Leger Fall Fashion Week 2009 side view

Photo: Dennis Ho