The Experimentalist: Eyelash Extensions


Serene music and plush couches made me feel right at home in Amy Kernahan’s apartment-like uptown salon. But this mid-summer day I wasn’t there to see Amy, who is my go-to eye brow expert. I was meeting with Dani, the eyelash gal. Dani, a bubbly former yoga instructor, greeted me and led me away from the sunlit front parlor. As I settled in to the back treatment room she asked me to lie down and said “You should relax, this is going to take about three to four hours”. As I signed away the majority of my day in search of longer lashes, Dani started to prepare my eyelash extensions.

A while ago I discovered the secret weapon of the fabulously beautiful: fake eyelashes. From celebrities to photogenic friends, it’s official: with the simple application of falsies, plain Janes are turned in to swans. The problem with fake eyelashes though is that they are time consuming, and not that simple to put on. So, when I heard about eyelash extensions, a semi-permenant alternative to glue-ons, I was intrigued. The promise of thick, incredibly long, sexy lashes was all I needed to book an appointment.

Eyelash extensions look and feel more natural than other fakes because in fact, they are. They are natural pieces of hair that are glued on to your regular lashes. Painstakingly applied one by one, they will stay on until the glue wears off or the eyelash falls out. To keep them on as long as possible you are required to not wear mascara and wash your eyes extremely gently. It’s even recommended to not to wear liquid eyeliner as not to disrupt the precious lashes.

After a pleasant three hour nap, I awoke to a more attractive version of myself. Dani’s work was subtle, resulting in a difference that was hard to pinpoint. That night I showed up at dinner expecting to wow my friends. Much to my dismay nothing was said at first. Then my friend Megan interjected discussion on politics and asked “You look nice, what’s different?”. I leaned over the table and batted my eyes. Everyone at the table inspected my gorgeous extensions and said that they approved. Personally, I declared it the most beautiful week of my life.