The Ultimate Guide for Every Type of Skin Exfoliation

The Ultimate Guide for Every Type of Skin Exfoliation
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Skin experts of all industries have one thing in common: They routinely agree that exfoliation is a step you should never skip. Our skin’s cell turnover rate only slows as we get older, which means that we need help scrubbing away those dead cells as they build up. For that reason, there’s an entire system of exfoliation that’s been developed over the years to target specific skin types and conditions.

We’ve already delved into the wide-ranging group of acid-based products as well as mechanical exfoliants like cleansing tools and food-based scrubs. But since finding a combo that’s unique to your needs and will actually work takes time, we’ve got a beginner guide for at least understanding what the most popular types of exfoliators, where they come from, and what they do.

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STYLECASTER Exfoliation Chart

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