7 Exercise Hacks to Try While Getting Ready To Go Out

exercise hacks to do while getting ready to go out

Let’s be real: Working out isn’t really that fun. Sure, it’s basically the healthiest thing you can do, but there’s a reason why a seemingly endless number of motivational gym apps exist. But what if we told you that there are sneaky ways to get fit while getting ready to go out at night, or while you’re getting dressed for work in the morning?

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Because we love a good life hack around here, we caught up with Kayla Itsines, founder of the Bikini Body Training Company to offer 7 easy ways to shape up and burn calories while you’re getting yourself gorgeous.

1. Stretch in the shower.
 The warm water while showering will help your muscles to relax, making it a perfect time to stretch! “I love to do my hamstrings and also my pecs using the wall for balance,” Kayla said.

2. Use your kitchen chair.
Waiting for that coffee to brew or that microwave to go off? Use your kitchen or dining room to do some easy tricep dips (these are what they look like.)

3. Raise up every time you look in the mirror.
Next time you’re brushing teeth, applying makeup, curling your hair, or checking out your outfit in the mirror, try doing some calve raises. Raise up onto your toes and lower down slowly, or raise one leg behind you, then alternate.

4. Squat!
Instead of sitting down to apply makeup or dry your hair, do a squat hold instead for a few seconds every couple of minutes.

5. Add weight while blow drying.
This is genius: Add wrist weights to your arms before you start blow drying your hair, or using other hot tools. Depending on your hair length and thickness, it could take over 20 minutes to completely dry. By adding weight on your arms, you’ll be challenging your muscles as you style with your (probably heavy) dryer and a hairbrush!

6. Go sans brush.
If you don’t use a hairbrush while blow drying, get additional toning by holding your free arm straight out to your side, perpendicular to your body. Keep it steady for two minute increments, and switch arms if you’re able to blow dry ambidextrously! Try to use a wrist weight, or just a regular weight for an added challenge.

7. Ready to start the day?
Do some lunges down the hall way and out the front door on the way to work.