25 Excuses We All Use For Buying New Beauty Products

Augusta Falletta

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We’ve all been there: With a million and one beauty products out there, you can’t possibly use all of them, but something inside of you tells you that you need them. Whether it be your desire to wear the same lipstick as Rihanna or the packaging’s siren song, you buy new beauty products at every chance you get. While you might not need most of the products you buy, you certainly justify your purchase.

Because we’re not the only ones who find reasons to buy products we don’t need, we asked around our office to see what our co-workers had to say. Below, 25 excuses we all use for buying new beauty products.

  1. “I have a rack of nail polish at home that holds up to 200 polishes so basically I won’t stop until it’s full…then it is time to buy another rack.” – Jaclyn Sciara, Junior Team Member, Beauty High
  2. “I have a ton of different tinted moisturizers because I somehow think that my skin will change 10 different tones between summer and winter.” – Korin Miller, Managing Editor, StyleCaster
  3. “It doesn’t matter if I don’t wear orange fake eyelashes; they’re on sale for $1, so that means I need them.”
  4. “If I look good, I feel good and I should be able to treat myself!” – Jessica Spier, Junior Account Executive, StyleCaster
  5. “Sometimes I just want to indulge and buying makeup is cheaper than buying a pair of Manolos (which is probably why I own every YSL lipstick known to man).” – Leah Bourne, Senior Editor, The Vivant
  6. “But the packaging is so cute!”
  7. “I’ve been working out for the past four days straight and I deserve a reward.”
  8. “I always lose my lipstick, so it’ll be great to have a back up.” – Jennifer Pagano, PR Coordinator, StyleCaster
  9. “All these articles around expiration dates and bacteria in beauty products have proved the ultimate justification for getting something new. ‘Should I buy this new mascara? Ooh, I bet that other one is already expired or riddled with unsavory germs … ‘.” – Laurel Pinson, Editor in Chief, StyleCaster
  10. “It’s my favorite color and it’s being discontinued, so I need to stock up.”
  11. “My best friend has the same one!”
  12. “I just need a new look.”
  13. “The guy I like said he likes girls with long hair, so I need to buy extensions.”
  14. “It’s Rihanna lipstick. How can I not buy this?”
  15. “I look at makeup as a wardrobe, but for my face. I clearly need absolutely not another makeup product in the world, but I validate my addiction by telling myself two things:
    ‘I deserve it’ and ‘Well.. I just need options.’ It’s like clothes. You wouldn’t wear the same blouse everyday, would you?” – Rolando Robinson, Designer, StyleCaster
  16. “My other blush doesn’t have shimmer in it. I need shimmer.”
  17. “Nothing cures a broken heart like some retail therapy in the beauty aisle.”
  18. “No two shades of nail polish are the same–even if they both appear to be electric blue!” – Ashley Kalinske, Publisher Relations Manager, StyleCaster
  19. “I always just try to justify how it’s a different shade of the same color family, even though it’s probably something I already have three of in my vanity.” – Brittany Irvine, Junior Team Member, Beauty High
  20. “It’s limited edition!”
  21. “If I buy $75 worth of products, I get a free cute makeup bag. I really want that makeup bag.”
  22. “I’m the worst when it comes to really expensive perfume. I convince myself by rationalizing that it’s something I’ll wear everyday, and just one bottle will last me ‘forever!'” – Meghan Blalock, Associate Editor, StyleCaster
  23. “I’ll probably never use this, but I could totally give it to someone as a gift.”
  24. Lauren Conrad uses this in her hair, it must be amazing.”
  25. “I buy concealer, lip balm and blotting papers in multiples so I can have one at home, another in my desk, a third in my purse…” – Wendy Rodewald, Senior Editor, Daily Makeover

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