Exclusive: & Other Stories Releases Four New Eau de Toilettes

Rachel Krause

& Other Stories

If you’re anything like us, you waited with bated breath for the Europe-based chain & Other Stories to debut their first stateside location, and their e-commerce site along with it. The luxe off-shoot of H&M’s reasonably priced (and plentiful) offerings run the gamut from the perfect black leather ankle boots to high-quality silk shirts clocking in under $100, which is exciting enough on its own—but more importantly (to us, at least), their similarly affordable beauty products are a beauty junkie’s dream come true.

Nadia Sarwar for & Other Stories

Nadia Sarwar for & Other Stories

Available in a series of complex, interesting fragrances that smell (and look—the packaging is divine) much, much more expensive than they are, the bath and body products from & Other Stories are far removed from your average mass market, fast fashion beauty steals. The lotions, soaps, and scrubs are so good, we find ourselves reapplying throughout the day to ensure that the scents linger on our skin. If you happen to hear us say we wish we could apply them as perfume, well, it wouldn’t be the first time.

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And so, speaking of dreams coming true, it makes all the more sense that & Other Stories would heed our wishes and formulate an eau de toilette series. Four of their popular body care fragrances—Fig Fiction, Punk Bouquet, Botanic Whisper, and Moroccan Tea—have been made into proper perfumes, and we couldn’t be happier. In celebration of the launch, the brand tapped Brit Nadia Sarwar, photographer and founder of froufrouu.com, and Barcelona-based photographer Isabel Martínez as co-creatives. Their task was to visually interpret the four new fragrances and capture their visceral impressions in a series of photos.

Isabel Martínez for & Other Stories

Isabel Martínez for & Other Stories

Sarwar said of the collaboration, “The scents and specific notes evoked a beautiful nostalgia which was drawn upon to reimagine familiar yet fresh moments.” Both of the artists were given complete creative freedom to capture the impressions in their own unique way. Of the “subtle scent” of the eau de toilettes that “change a little bit depending on the woman who wears it,” Martínez said she was “inspired to create four feminine and enigmatic pictures which tell a story that, as the perfume itself, depends on the imagination of the viewer. I wanted to express that when wearing the fragrance, you’re wearing a piece of poetry.” We couldn’t agree more.

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